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Computer Network Support & Managed Services

What comes to your mind when we say “computer hardware repair” or “computer technical support”? managed

If whatever comes to your mind is less than charitable, it’s time to change over to the most effective, credentialed and experienced computer managed services in the Richmond, Petersburg, Chesterfield, Henrico, Colonial Heights and Chester areas of Virginia!

We Offer:

No gimmicky sales talk, no geek language, just plain English and amazing IT Consulting and Computer Support backed by relevant certification and years of in-the-field experience.

Speed – Is this fast enough for you? Every computer in your network that is covered by our managed network services contract has a special and exclusive [Help] button. Click and it instantly alerts us to your problem – no more emailing, no more phone calls no more appeals to avoid down-time. In fact, one of our engineers will immediately and remotely diagnose the problem. In most cases, computer related problems can be diagnosed and rectified remotely without us barging into your office and causing more chaos.

Watch and ward: Our ever alert Sentry software can detect unauthorized intrusion attempts into your computer network and alert us and a designated member of your staff. No more waiting until we see a red hot fire. We will act at the slightest whiff of a computer network intrusion attempt.

Our Watch and Ward service is part of our computer network services and is focused on proactively managing, maintaining, monitoring and securing your IT technology and hardware at all times.

Prevention better than cure: Hackers exploit critical files that have not been updated. Our software monitors critical system and programme files including software license compliancy in each and every computer covered by our managed network services contract or our Managed IT Support. When updates are released, a computer support specialist in our office will initiate downloads and installation of latest updates. We present no opportunity to prospective hackers and by also monitoring your software license compliancy; we prevent fines, legal costs and damages to your business reputation.

BELNIS Data Protection Service Includes:

No demand for major upfront investment in IT hardware or Software

100% backup of selected computers or servers

Provides a custom, tested IT disaster recovery plan

24×7 monitoring of data backups

Provide spare network hardware including servers and workstation

Onsite data encryption and storage

Disaster Recovery Plan is tested twice a year

You have the attention of a true, professional data recovery company.

Benefits of BELNIS IT Management Services:

Enjoy the comfort, convenience and dependability of BELNIS’s one click help. When you click on the help button, you will receive real live technical help the moment you need it, guaranteed.

We help avoid IT investments based on promise of features. With BELNIS you only pay for actual business outcome. We make the need based IT product selection so your business is shielded from the risks of a bad IT investment.

Our flat rate structure guarantees your business won’t be nickel and dimed to death. Our fixed pricing for IT Management Services, Managed Network Services or Computer Technical Support allows for easy budgeting of IT consulting and computer support, turning it into a known constant rather than an unknown variable cost each month. Do business with a company that takes financial accountably for technology failures.

Our dependable, credentialed and very experienced IT staff helps you outperform your competitors by ensuring your business always has the right IT hardware and

No Waiting IT Support

No Data Lose or Sensitive
Data Stolen

Your Computer Network is
always up-to-date, safe, secure and compliant

Remote Data Backup to a
safe, secure location

Custom monitoring software
in all computers

Every computer receives
intrusion protection

Remote software and
hardware monitoring

24 x 7 Helpdesk and

Super fast response

IT Technology asset reports

Watch and ward as part of
our Business Computer Support

Monthly Executive Summarized

Proactive preventive

Custom written acceptable
use policy

Every computer receives
anti-virus and Firewall protection.

Interact with your other
technology vendors at no extra cost to you.