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How To Interact With Belnis Spam Filtering

Dear Client,

We employ a cloud based spam filter, which grants you the maximum amount of protection without large hardware overhead and costs. This new spam filter REQUIRES no interaction on your behalf, and Belnis will take care of everything. There is a way in which you can interact with the system if you so choose, which is what will be outlined in this document. Please disseminate this document to any active mailbox holders with an email address ending in

Roaring Penguin Login

The new spam filter service is named Roaring Penguin, and is an organization wide package. This means that it learns what you as an organization consider spam, as well as on an individual level. While this system will function without interaction, working with the system will increase spam filtration accuracy for everyone.

Each user now has a “spam center” page in which they can login. Your login credentials are you email address and the same password you use to login to your PC. The web address for this spam center is – you should ctrl-click this link and then bookmark the page.
Once you are logged in, click on the quarantine button on the navigation bar to manage your quarantine. I will go into this management more in a second.


There is one other way in which you can interact with your new system, which happens to be the easiest and most convenient. Each person will get one summary email per day. This will come towards the end of the day, and will be from Bel Networks Hosted Anti-Spam with an address of [email protected]

This email contains a summary of all of the spam you have gotten since the last email. You can look over the list to see if anything is in fact NOT spam. If everything in the list IS spam, you can ignore it or perform further actions. I will show you a sample email and how the interaction can be done.


Spam Console

First, the sender. This is who sent you this email. The words Envelope Sender mean that is the actual sender of the email, who sometimes mask themselves as other addresses. If you do not recognize the sender, or it looks sketchy, or the subject looks sketchy- it is most likely spam.

Once you look and see if the message is or is not spam, you can tell the system for sure if it is or is not spam as well by using the other links on this page. The first two is accept or reject to the right of each item. If you click reject, you make the message as spam and it does not deliver to you. If you press accept, then the message is marked as safe and will be delivered to your inbox in a matter of a few seconds. This will teach the system that the sender is not in fact a spammer- next time the same message should come through.

The buttons down bottom are view quarantine and reject all as spam. These take you online to the page I mentioned earlier, which gives you a top-down view of ALL of your spam. So if you ignore these spam emails for a week, and then login- you will have all of the spam you received for the week listed here. I RECOMMEND you login once per week and make sure you did not miss any important emails that got caught as spam, and delete the rest.

Once you login, you will be looking at a page like this:

Spam Console

You can see the same information as before, along with IP addresses and the score. The score is the % the system thinks that it is spam. The higher the score, the more likely it is spam. On the right of each item is a drop down box with choices. You can go through item by item and change the status to one of the choices. Some of the choices are:

  • Reject- block this message from being delivered
  • Accept- delivers this message
  • Whitelist- delivers this message and never blocks the sender again
  • Blacklist- blocks this message and blocks all further messages from this sender
  • Blacklist Domain- This blocks all messages from any address
  • Blacklist Network- This blocks any email originating from a particular PC or office.

There is also a link at the bottom of the page that says Reject ALL as spam. My advice is to look through the list and ACCEPT any mail you want to allow through. THEN click the bottom down bottom which will reject everything else. This clears out your queue, allows you to stay on top of your spam filtering, and helps to train the system.

Finally, there is a way to look at the email to see if it is spam, before doing any whitelisting or blocking- and this is done by clicking on the SUBJECT link either in the email or in the quarantine. When you do this, it opens up the email in your browser, in a protected way that won’t allow you do be compromised. You can then look at the email to see if it is legitimate- if it is, you can click Accept Message on the topmost bar. If it is spam you can reject it using the reject button. This is useful if something “looks” like spam, but might not be- if you check it in this way first you are protected.

Reject Spam

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Help Desk or Bel Network Integration & Support.