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BELNIS TechTips November 2013

BELNIS TechTips November 2013

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7 Reasons Why Getting Rid of Windows XP Will Likely Exorcise Hidden Gremlins Lurking in your Computer Network

What Business Owners Need To Know About Running Windows XP

Although many businesses have been getting rid of Windows XP for at least the last 3 years, the fact remains that as of early this year, around 500 million business computers were still running Windows XP. While the End of Service for Windows XP is still a few months away (April 9, 2014), here are 7 of the top reasons running Windows XP should scare any business owner right now:

  1. Tons Of Viruses: There is a huge library of viruses aimed at Windows XP and limited antivirus support still available.
  2. XP Is OLD: (almost 12 years old). The 1st iPod was released the same year as Windows XP. In a world where the 5th iPhone has been released, no one should be left using an O/S that pre-dates the 1st iPod!
  3. Least Secure Operating System:  ALL other platforms, including Linux, all versions of Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are more secure than XP by a huge margin. Windows Vista is actually a far safer option (Scary!).
  4. Built For A Simpler Time: XP was created for a simpler world of technology. It was formatted to fit to a screen only 640 pixels wide, and it showcased IE6 as a new product. The internet was a different place when XP was developed. Smartphones were non-existent, laptops were a luxury and tablet computers were science fiction.
  5. No More Band-Aids: Only so many band-aid fixes on top of one another can be effective.
  6. Support Is Ending: All support of XP will end on April 9, 2014.  It’s time to replace your systems now while you can plan ahead.
  7. Malware Everywhere: You can continue to use XP, but with more malware than ever. XP is by far the most vulnerable platform to connect to the internet.

Running a business on an operating system that is 2 generations out of date after the end of support will put your company in an indefensible position from a legal perspective. The majority of US states have data protection laws in place requiring business owners operate with “due diligence”. I urge you to strongly consider upgrading your computers before the April 8th deadline. Don’t worry we are here to help! 
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