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Five Essential Tips for Small Business VoIP


Five Essential Tips for Small Business VoIP


For small businesses that are chiefly reliant on open internet connections, taking the aid of VoIP services becomes a norm. The service quality of the service depends on the quality of internet service provided by the ISP of the customer. However, nothing is as important as choosing a VoIP service provider that offers offer the best VoIP solutions for small businesses. Here are some tips that will help you get started.

1. Ensure network shape

It is safe to start with things that can be controlled by the customer. You need to make sure that there are minimum issues with your network. The simplest of networks can at times spell out network issues which can affect VoIP call quality. Ensure that you have an efficient computer, shapely switches and only one router.

2. Look beyond bandwidth

While the bandwidth of the internet connection is one of the first aspects that most VoIP service providers look into, there are other relevant factors as well. First off, the bandwidth must be adequate for both downloads and uploads. The overall internet connection needs to be steady as well. Typically, the connection should be able to support and carry the number of calls that you want to make. If 90 kbps calls are made from 4 different PCs simultaneously, there will be a total consumption of 360 KB per second.

3. The connection between provider’s switch and you

In all likelihood the connection between the user (you) and the switch of the provider, will pass through several other networks. It can be an advantage if there are lesser hops in between and if the VoIP provider’s switch latency in on the lower end of the scale. You may conduct a simple trace to identify the number of routers that the network passes through. But come to a conclusion only after conducting tests at different days and hours.

4. Lowest price is not equal to best service

For bids on any project, the bid that is unexpectedly lower serves as a caution flag. You must make an attempt to choose a provider that is competitively reasonable. But avoid a low-cost service provider for the obvious reasons.

5. Services, features and presentation

Track down the type of services that the service provider gives through reviews and testimonials. Vet the features of the service with equal care. By all means, ask your service provider for a presentation. If the normal call quality in the following days, does not match up to that of the presentation, feel free to take to the phone.