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Network Security: Factors to Understand for All and Sundry

That all businesses at present stay dependent on computer setups requires no mention. Every single organization has a computer network to aid in the transmission, reception and storage of information process. Besides, the increased use of the internet adds reason to avail foolproof protection. Till the time all the information stays intact in the system, there’s no cause to worry.

But the moment a risk stems out of nowhere and causes significant problem to the business organization concerned than one realizes the need for adopting a good network security system. In fact, most units now have large systems dedicated to using these complex computer networks.

Urgency of securing network systems

When it comes to data security, most of us wake up after a major disaster has done its job! Regardless of the network being a wired or a wireless form, threats are common. With hackers increasing by the day and internet operations becoming vital to the use of any business organization (say for example, online transactions), the need for monitoring network security has become a priority for any network administrator. Surely no one would want to face consequences like theft of information or privacy being compromised.

Ideally, organizations take to ensuring security to the maxim for reasons as stated below:

-Protection of the company and its vital assets

-Gaining a competitive edge over others

-Complying with regulatory needs and ethical responsibilities

Types of network threats commonly faced

While attacks are no doubt attacks, but network security threats have been categorized into common terms.

  • Hacker
  • White hat
  • Black hat (cracker)
  • Spammer
  • Phreaker
  • Phisher

In general, hackers usually attacks on an active scale (which is easily found) and few take to passive means (difficult to trace). But modification or fabrication, interception or interruption are few common methods employed to grab vital information from organizations.

Understand the model

To assess how the threats are getting commoner by the day, business organizations must train their employees and teach them the basics of the network security model. This is vital to the understanding of how the information passes through any communication channel.  The components are:



-Communication line


-Trusted third party

The process is quite complicated and a layman would not be expected to have a grip on the entire process till it’s explained by an expert. For these and more, most companies have now taken to hiring qualified professionals who execute the task of maintaining security besides training employees to perform their bit as well.