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Cloud Computing

Why Taking the Cloud Computing Route is Likely to Fetch Positive Results


The rate at which cloud services is expanding, there’s no doubt that businesses will be reaping more and more benefits of it in the days to come. Going by the records since 2009, the blessing are many, particularly small businesses who are spared of the additional tasks to deploy infrastructures like storage systems, file, and email servers or other high-end software. Basically, cloud computing with its ‘hassle-free collaboration’ among several business partners, employees and the like has only added to the richness of the IT world. Concerns about stability, security, data freehold have now taken a backseat, thanks to the steady growth of the cloud.

Exploring the future

Starting from individuals to companies in private and even government sectors, cloud computing is seen by most as the next wave in the world of information technology and rightly so. As much as it has reduced operational expenses, business innovation or development of effective business models invariably rests on this revolutionary technology improvement.

In addition to the numerous benefits it brings along, cloud computing has its own share of risks and disruptions as well. Given how information is rapidly increasing, there are concerns about its misuse too. No wonder, a large number of service providers and policy-makers have raised questions about the present utilization and possibilities of its services in future.

These include:

  • Cloud’s vital current and potential future benefits for all
  • Impediments to cloud’s progress
  • Overall benefits in relation to the perils

Top predictions in the coming years

Cloud Computing Puzzle

Whether or not one should resort to cloud computing is a matter of personal and of course, the business preference. But the hype surely has a reason! Looking at the current scenario and the number of startups moving to the cloud, one cannot pass it off as a mere trend. Having said that, here are top predictions about how the cloud is likely to work out and impress in the upcoming years:

  • More application availability on the cloud
  • Unimaginable growth of cloud in the market
  • Growing demand of it will pave the way for improved, innovative offerings of products and services
  • Market convergence around top companies like Google, Microsoft and AWS
  • Greater hybrid cloud adoption
  • Awareness among enterprises regarding the total cost of ownership to determine future course of action
  • The need to find niches for new public cloud providers

Now it makes sense for many who were otherwise skeptical in going the cloud way!