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Offsite Backup

Offsite Data Backup Services That Non-IT Companies Can Avail for Preventing Data Loss and Misappropriation

With cyber crime cases growing at an abysmal rate, it is quite natural that non-IT company managers often express great anxiety over the security of confidential company data they are entrusted with. If you are heading the data security department of your company but you have access to only the conventional data security suites and systems, it’s high time you should level up data security through third-party providers. There are offsite data backup companies that can wipe off all your worries around data security. Here are some of the most common offsite backup services that you can avail.

Complete data management

Data information backup storage folder concept illustration
Data information backup storage folder concept illustration

There are some really good IT security and backup service providers out there that offer comprehensive data management services to the non-IT companies. Offsite data backup is to date the most failsafe strategy to prevent data loss. Additionally, there are companies that can help you with cloud data backup as well.

Remote file backup

You can remotely take a backup of your confidential files and folders. There are e-vaulting service providers that can provide day-to-day offsite data backup solutions to you and you will be amazed to know that these services cost only a fragment of having a full-time data protection manager on your payroll. You can actually take a backup of your files and folders through remote data protection services. Onsite data backup services are also available on request.

Data categorization

This is especially important if you are dealing with a lot of varieties of data sets and subsets. Fortunately, a good many service providers these days do not just confine themselves within the classical definition of data backup service providers. They go beyond that, categorize and compartmentalize data so that you can easily access specific data sets within the shortest time possible.

Server level backup

There are offsite backup service providers that offer server-level backup services. These companies have large cloud servers that can hold petabytes of data and your files automatically uploaded to these servers. As a result, you can be least concerned about the security of the data at your disposal and focus on more productive matters inside your organization. In other words, you can simply keep chances of data theft and misappropriation at bay.

If you are still pondering about whether to avail offsite backup services or not, know that there are clear state and federal mandates that require business owners to take appropriate data security measures.