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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Technology: Why Get Certified

At a time when ‘the cloud’ started its journey, the concept stood largely unknown. It was only with time that people realized the indispensability of it as regards a proper data storage option was concerned. Today, this internet based computing technique has been adopted by a number of IT firms. As per the data, no less than 82% of enterprises fall back upon this strategy, a sharp increase from 74% in 2014. The rate at which cloud computing technology is growing, no doubt proves its use for organizations’ infrastructure, but the reality is that most people are still unaware about the technology in full.

Cloud Computing Technology: Looking the concept first

Though still in its formative stage, yet cloud computing technology puts serious questions before an IT organization’s ecosystems, security and trust issues and the like. Without an understanding of CISCO concepts and technologies, it is rather difficult to put things in perspective. It is for this reason that professionals who are both knowledgeable and adept at their task must see to the company’s adoption of this technology. After all, they can best determine what the company’s policies are and how the challenges can be tackled.

Availing necessary training and programs

Cloud Computing Technology for Devices

Thanks to CISCO Certs and Labs team that recently came up with the first CCNA certification in order to grasp cloud computing technology. The program is meant to assess the skill sets of people who can detect essential differences between actual cloud computing and traditional data center.

Those who look forward to availing the certification, needs to know about 2 exams:

  • CCNA Cloud CLDFND 210-451

This focuses on comprehension of Cisco Cloud Basics. A candidate’s knowledge about cloud features, deployment models, Cisco cloud infrastructure including Cisco UCS, server virtualization, DC network architecture and other solutions are tested.

  • CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455

Here the administration part is focused where a person’s knowledge on Cisco Cloud administration basics, including Cloud management, reporting, monitoring and other aspects are tested.

Essentials of Cloud IT professionals

Merely availing cloud computing technology course is not the end of everything. Few challenges lie ahead when it comes to gaining ideas about technologies like:

  • Storage
  • Server
  • Networking
  • Applications
  • Virtualization
  • Facilities

In addition to the factors mentioned above, certain skills specific to preparing for the exams must also be gained. Once these are mastered, the future for such candidates indeed look bright, especially because only a handful of so-called ‘experts’ cannot suffice for the growing needs.