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Effective measures for protecting your email account

Email & Spam Protection

Worried about email and spam attempts by moochers? Worried about the distraction and waste of employees’ time to block and mark these attempts as junk or spam … and still miss a few? Or worse yet, accidentally block the access of an important client? BELNIS is here to help you out and protect you from such unsolicited mail and spams. Keeping you focused is our focus.

Receiving offers of Millions for your Banking Details?

Many people and business personnel receive emails urging and influencing them to respond to emails in which information regarding their bank transactions and bank account details are requested. People actually do respond to such emails which are completely spammed. They do so because in most of the cases they are not aware of the risks attached to such emails. Plus, in today’s world they look so real! Who can blame an employee from being enticed to click the button?

One of the best ways to ensure the protection and security of financial transactions is to spread awareness among team members about how dangerous and disastrous these spamming emails could be.

Why bring in BELNIS Experts and Specialists for Anti-Spam?

BELNIS completely agrees with the fact that the internet is filled with install-and-forget anti-spam software. However, the good news is that you can find the same amount of anti-virus software which will help in covering email programs.

How BELNIS really works?

Surprisingly, BELNIS uses active, up-to-date anti-virus and spam filtering software to secure your computer and servers from mishap and disaster.

The email protection software and anti-spam which are installed by BEL Network Integration and Support makes sure that rogue emails are quarantined and detected before they even bring the damage.