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Security Landscape in 2016: Cyber attacks to be watch out for

We have entered into 2016, yet cyber attacks continue to plague the world. Call it unfortunate or attribute it to the present times, security strategies need to be tightened by people all over the world. Hackers are said to have taken the meaning of risk to a different level altogether. So it will be nothing uncommon for them to launch some of the most unthinkable state-of-the-art attacks, which includes machine problems, jailbreaks, medical facilities another malware issues.

Despite consistent efforts in providing high-security network software and alerting customers about how to protect their data centers, carriers, and enterprises, security strategists do not rule out chances of deadly strikes.

Here’s taking a look at what the security industry is predicting in terms of cyber attacks; all of which can become deadly if not dealt well in advance.

Headless worm

Viruses were always present but brace yourself for newer ones! ‘Headless worms’ would be the appropriate term used that are likely to travel from device to device in the forms of suspicious codes and can manifest themselves in smartphones, medical kits, and innovative watches. That doesn’t mean computers are safe! With such codes having a greater chance of multiplying across several other connected devices, there is an extra reason to be anxious about.

Cloud Jail-breaking

Cyber Attacks Prevention

The world is witnessing a new high of cloud infrastructure, which includes ‘software-based computers’. That certainly puts extra pressure on people and companies to be on the lookout for malware that can crack these cloud-based systems. Given how enterprises seem to be largely dependent on virtualization, incidences of cyber attacks can increase by several notches. As experts say, planning is the key and firms need to change the existing ‘cyber security mindsets’.

Not to miss out on mobile devices flaunting apps that only paves the path for hackers to attack both private and public clouds.

The Sandbox Phenomenon

A number of corporations have taken to testing new software in a ‘sandbox’ prior to having them on the networks. Basically, this is an effective way to perform greater inspection and thereby detect possible threats. Hackers are smarter than before and know exactly how to create ‘two-faced malware’ to achieve their targets.

Reality said, the volume of cyber attacks will only rise, thanks to technology. However, threats can best be overcome by an optimistic attitude and working up collaboratively to ward off these issues. Frankly, it’s difficult but attainable an objective.