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Email & Spam Protection

Top Tips for Protecting Your Email from Spam and Cyber Criminals

Phishing and spamming have now become so rampant that hardly any user you would find who has not become a victim of email spamming in his life. Therefore, it’s essential that you take the right measures to keep email spammers and cyber criminals at bay. Here are some pithy tips that might just work for you.

Don’t open emails from addresses you can’t recognize

It happens with many of us that we open many emails just by reading the email subject line. While this is a common practice, it might land you in some serious trouble. You would be better off if you check the email address from where the mail has been shot before opening any new email.

Try not to send confidential internet via email

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There are cunning cyber criminals who create email addresses and even sites that look genuine but are nothing but traps for hundreds of email users like you. The moment you send some confidential information, i.e. your bank account details, over the email, these criminals get instant access to the details that you have always wanted keep secret. They can easily process your information and hack your bank account. Also, whenever you see an email from an unofficial and unsolicited email address, simply mark it as spam.

Do not open attachments that come with unsolicited emails

Do not try to open attachments that come along with unsolicited emails since these attachments often contain malware programs. These programs are designed to damage the computers of the users and you may end up damaging the hard drive.

Do not click on links contained in unsolicited emails

Did you just receive an email that says you are a lucky owner of some lottery or contest but you had not actually participated in any sort of contest? These emails are spam in 9 out of 10 cases and you need to be aware of these emails. Even if you open an mail like this, do not click on any link inside these emails as you may get redirected to a website which you do not want to visit.

Using a spam filter may just do the trick

You can also use a spam filter developed by some reliable and highly rated software developer. Spam filters work wonders when it comes to filtering junk emails and spam emails. You can go online to find a feature-rich spam filter or use the built-in spam filter of your email client.