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ISIS Cyber Attacks Are Real: How Are They Doing It? (Part 1)

Until now, the ISIS cyber attacks have been launched by disparate and uncoordinated groups whose claims to association with the Caliphate have largely been unfounded. But that changes with the central outfit collating these nomadic outlaws to form the United Cyber Caliphate.

Now with the ISIS planning professional cyber attacks managed directly by the top brass of the terrorist organization, cyber security experts are miles deep into analyzing the threat and formulating a suitable combat strategy.

The rising concern

“Not long back, we rated the cyber threat from them as mediocre and without the acumen for sophisticated targeting. But ISIS cyber attacks have entered a new dimension with the Newsweek Twitter Accounts and CENTCOM,” reflects Laith Alkhouri, a co-founder at Flashpoint, the pioneer of Dark Web Intelligence.

“It goes without saying that governments and companies will be on top of the hit-list if they are working in an order of rank,” he added.

It only gets greyer from here

We will not make any bones about this: the “uneducated-youth-misled-into-terror” theory was debunked some three eons ago. As we find ISIS recruiting a boatload of sharp brains, their success ratio for these assaults is bound to go further right of the scale.

Even if the collected ISIS cyber attacks monitored by United Cyber Caliphate turn out to be partially successful, it will result in mammoth inflation in notoriety and they will attract more talent from the soft supporters of ISIS around the world.

What supports the ISIS cyber attacks?

ISIS Cyber Attacks Are Real How Are They Doing It (Part 1)_2

You cannot target government websites and big time financial institutions without proper resources and back up. Here are a few areas they have got covered:

  • The ISIS hacking division: This unit sifts through targets, affixes the ability to procure sensitive data reviews past attacks where they have attained success in breaking through.
  • Cyber recruitment drives: There has not been an exclusive attempt to source in high-end hackers. But several young brains are trained at the Dark Web Forums, where those with elementary abilities are taught better skills. Reports indicate these forums include courses of varying difficulties from the rookie to professional.
  • Tactics and Techniques: Assessing the procedures and tactical patterns typically employed by ISIS supporters is a little difficult. But the footprints of collective social media campaigns and use of malware are fairly evident.
  • Malware vs. Tools: It is easy for Pro-ISIS hacker clubs to anonymously source hacking tools from public spaces while concurrently utilizing custom and identifiable malware.

And just like that, we have another thing to worry about. In our next post, we tell you how you should be dealing with ISIS cyber attacks.