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Social Media

Four Major Social Media Security Threats to Watch out for

Various organizations have turned to social media for promoting their brands, connecting with buyers and relaying information. However, the rising popularity of this platform brings its fair share of social media security threats, ranging from unexpected lawsuits to leakage of proprietary details.

1. Problem with Mobile Applications

Social media security threats, unfortunately, owe a lot of their growth to the rise of mobile computing, which has evolved into a massive industry involving the development of mobile applications. It is common for employees to download different apps on their own mobiles or the devices granted by their companies.

These downloads are not always safe and some contain malware that leaks the private information of the user to a third party, impersonates the individual, removes necessary data and spreads to other devices without warning. Thus, discretion is necessary while browsing the Internet to download the latest applications.

2. Social Engineering

One of the oldest scams in the book, social engineering on the Internet also happens to be one of the most proactive social media security threats due to the fact that your personal details might easily be divulged online and it relies on the trust factor to dupe you into revealing important information, such as your passwords. Numerous people are every month and those who fall prey understand just how dangerous social media can be and what the outcome is like if you let your guard down.

3. Compromised Networking Site Security

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A few hackers choose to inject harmful code directly into social networking websites, thereby compromising the entire security of the site. These malicious content usually crop up in the form of third-party apps and inside ads. Clicking a few links on social networking sites may seem harmless enough but this could also become social media security threats since your personal details might get stolen without your knowledge.

4. Dealing with Your Employees

You should always make your employees understand the risks posed by social media security threats and even though it might seem like overkill, constant reminders would at least make them think twice before becoming falling for clickbait. Even your most responsible employee might sometimes suffer a lapse in judgement and commit a big mistake.

Social media seems like a lot of fun but it has its disadvantages as well and once you post content, even if you remove it afterwards, there ought to be at least a few people in your network who might have seen that. So, if one of your employees becomes emotional and rants about you or the work on social media, there is a possibility that it could endanger your company account and harm your brand.