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Simple Tips for Effortless Office Relocation

Office relocation often involves the expansion of your company or the end of your present lease. Expanding your business is not a bad thing but you need to prioritize space since the growth of your business demands the same. Irrespective of whether you are upgrading from your small home office to a larger workspace or switching commercial buildings, you will not find the task to be easy. As soon as you select a new location, you have to begin the process of office relocation and that takes time and energy.

Why Does Office Relocation Need to be Speedy and Efficient?

Bear in mind that your business will mint money only when you company is working at full steam and during the move, your entire business, or at least parts of it, will remain non-operational at different times. This implies that you need to ensure the relocation takes place without a hitch. This is easier said than done but with the help of a few simple tips you can facilitate a smooth and stable office relocation.

Establishing a Proper Timeline Prior to Moving

When you get an idea of the timeframe for the move, you have to overcome the challenges of coordinating all aspects of the furniture and equipment present within the premises. You should get an idea of the present circumstances of your office to lay out the new office. Try to bring everything within your stipulated budget and since this is a time-consuming process, you should get started almost four to six months before you begin office relocation.

It is important to make your employees aware of the changes. You also have to take some time out to update the phone and Internet services and get the required licenses, permits and insurance policies. The bigger your new office is, the more time it will take you to plan everything.

Suitable Methods for the Allocation of Resources

Moving is always an exhausting activity but being in charge, it is your responsibility to make certain that your employees feel comfortable. You are also tasked with creating the budget for transporting your existing office equipment via the movers’ services. Double-check every option to ascertain whether your resources are being allocated in the correct place. If you feel that the office relocation is becoming overwhelming, seek help from a trustworthy employee or two.

Pre-Planning Advantages

It is expected that you hire cleaners for your new office building about two to three months in advance. The same applies for the movers who will be carrying out all your furniture and equipment to the new workspace. You need to plan ahead since the transition to a new office needs to occur smoothly without any kind of hassle. In case you are hiring a cleaning service or movers to assist you with the process, do not delay. Some of the best services often have a jam-packed schedule and so if you try to hire them without any prior intimation, you might not be able to avail their services. Moreover, it is extremely important that you do thorough research about the service companies and then select the one that can offer recommendations.

Notifying Your Vendors

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You do not want to miss out on any essentials or necessities when you finally relocate to your new workspace. So, it is vital that you notify your vendors in advance so that they have sufficient time to alter your billing and shipping address and register the same in their systems. In case you require new furniture or equipment, you should order them without any delay so that they can arrive in time and you get sufficient opportunity to arrange them before the business moves.

Making Necessary Changes to Your Stationery

Everything must be in place a week or two before the move so that as soon as employees get there, they can function at 100% efficiency. This means zero wastage of time adjusting to the new workspace. It is your job to make sure that your clients know you are moving as well as the timeframe. You have to complete or reschedule any important tasks such as client meetings, vendor deliveries and interviews.

Backing Up Your Files and Folders

If you are in the IT industry, you know how valuable data can be and so you must backup all the information and content so that you do not end up losing them in the course of the move. Even the slightest damage to the systems can cause data loss and so it is not worth taking any kind of risks.