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How Social Network Security Enhances User Experience: 5 Useful Tips

Social networking websites have become an integral part of our lives. They not only provide a platform to connect with new and existing friends but have become necessary tools for serious job searches and corporate networking.

However, you should never forget about your safety in the process. It is key to protect your identity from identity theft, and social networking sites make this harder since they leave a trail of personal details. So how can you boost your social network security? It all starts with taking responsibility for protecting yourself. Below you will find five tips that will enable you to take the matter of social network security into your own hands so that your private information does not fall into the wrong hands.

How Much Information Is Too Much?

Opening up to others and sharing interesting information online is an active part of social networking, but there are some details you should never divulge. For the sake of your physical and identity safety, you must never disclose your social security number. Even if you are asked only the last 4 digits, never reveal them. You should also take care not to give out your home address, birthdate and home phone number to strangers. Moreover, any discussion involving your PIN numbers, credit card details, passwords, and bank account information must be avoided for the sake of social network security.

Maintain Your Privacy

Social networking websites understand the significance of social network security, and they offer users greater control over their personal privacy settings. Never settle for the default settings. Make sure you go through the privacy sections and configuration to understand what options are available to limit who and what groups are able to view different aspects of your personal information. Make sure you view and adjust the settings on your profile from time to time, as they get updated frequently.

Do Not Blindly Trust

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The Internet is full of different sorts of people, and some of them like to falsify their identity. It could be due to a harmless prank, or they might be famous celebs who wish to conceal their actual identities. But this method is also adopted by users who wish to defame or embarrass somebody else by impersonating them, or stealing an identity for various crimes and financial gain. This is why you must verify that a particular page belongs to who you think it does prior to clicking on a link or sharing numerous details. Look for anything out of the ordinary that might help you unmask the impostor.

Keep an Eye Out For Comments

The significance of social network security has been understood by blogs as well, and many now employ authenticated commenting systems. Some users leave comments under the guise of someone else. Commenting systems prevent this from happening by allowing registered users to log in and leave comments as a verified user.

Avoid Accidental Reveals

Sometimes, social networking sites make it easy for details you wouldn’t otherwise tell people to slip by. This is why you should be aware of the kind of information you put online where others might be able to use it for nefarious means.