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How to Make Small Business Server Virtualization More Efficient?

Server virtualization does away with the traditional, one application per server strategy and permits businesses to run various virtual servers on one physical machine. The process utilizes the full potential of a physical server and creates independent computers on every server. This, in turn, decreases power consumption and eases the maintenance process while maintaining the computing power.

Implemented properly, small business server virtualization frees up valuable human and economic resources for additional strategic initiatives. Thus, small business server virtualization gives small scale businesses the chance to repurpose their IT infrastructure quickly, offering increased up-time, greater fault tolerance and enhanced operational continuity in case of operational failure. If you’re wondering how to increase the efficiency of your small business server virtualization, you might consider taking a look at the points below.

  • Choosing Your Targets for VirtualizationHow to Make Small Business Server Virtualization More Efficient_2

Always look at your virtualization investment decisions from a realistic perspective. A thorough evaluation of your small business server environment will help you understand which hardware you need to virtualize. There are free tools available on the Internet that enable you to gauge which servers would make ideal candidates for virtualization.

  • Compatibility Issues

Prior to virtualizing the target servers, you should ensure that your existing software apps are compatible with virtualization software. Professional solution providers will give you an idea if your current applications and small business server environment are good for virtualization or not.

The rapid advancement of technology means that the virtualization platform of your choice might not be compatible with outdated server hardware. Most virtualization platforms, also known as hypervisors, each happen to be very unique platforms. It is always important to make an informed decision regarding which hypervisor is going to operate the best with the available hardware platforms and still meet the needs of your small business.

  • Data Backup Plan

Always check your data backup plan once you’ve decided to virtualize your servers. Several vendors provide advanced backup products that support the virtual infrastructure. Some of these remain priced according to the number of virtual servers on a single machine, and they are actually cheap. On the other hand, if your small business is connected to an extended maintenance contract from your data backup infrastructure, you might want to think whether making changes can break the contract or not.

  • Proper training

The maintenance of a virtual server differs considerably from a regular physical environment. Prior to virtualizing your servers, you might want to train your staff on the right way to maintain a virtual infrastructure.