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Email & Spam Protection

Actionable Spam Protection Tips for Small Businesses

The reaction of users to spam is divisive – while some find spam a nuisance, others ignore it completely. If you fall in the former category and want spam protection for your inbox, the following measures can assist you with a great spam filter.

Fake email IDs work

There are several sites that require you to submit your email ID into a form before you can access the content. Chances are you might not feel comfortable providing your email address to that specific website. The ideal form of spam protection in this case is leaving a bogus email ID.

Get encryption for your email address

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During the initial stages of email address creation, use a combination of numbers and letters that are random in nature, and not commonly seen. Such a weird combination of letters and numbers might be difficult for people to recall, but it sets up a challenge for spam programs that randomly send spam mail to your email ID.

Never open spam mail

Whenever you open HTML spam mail with attractive graphics, the graphic gets pulled from the server of the spammer’s computer. This is your computer informing the spammer that your email ID remains in use. Ensure proper spam protection by avoiding such mails.

Never reply to spam

You must’ve dealt with irritating telemarketers at some point in your life? Remember how they wouldn’t stop calling once you answered the phone, and were extremely challenging. This is the exact same situation with spammers. Once you’ve replied to a spam mail, you’ll have confirmed to the spammer that your email address is legit, and they won’t stop sending you mail.

Never post your email ID

As soon as your email ID is entered into an online contact list, guest book, chat room, ezine, newsgroup, or website, you’ve basically invited a spammer to gain free access to your email ID. Spammers use programs called spiders, bots, and crawlers to “harvest” email addresses. If you don’t follow the usual spam protection guidelines and enter your email address into a website, you’ve become the target of spammers and your ID is going to be used in future email campaigns.

Install a decent spam filter

Irrespective of how efficient and updated your spam protection systems are, there is still the possibility that some spam mails might just slip through the cracks. It is for this reason that you should probably consider installing a spam filter. You’ll find plenty of good spam filters on the Internet that can curb the influx of spam in your inbox.