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4 Easy Ways to Improve VoIP Call Quality

Surviving global market requires quick access to necessary information. And VoIP systems contribute significantly to allow professionals to communicate over the internet.

But using the internet presents some unique challenges to the quality of audio. Failing to address this could result in slow business and hurt customer relations. Help yourself by adopting the following steps:

Get a DECT phone

4 Easy Ways to Improve VoIP Call Quality_2

For VoIP, Ethernet cords perform better than WiFi connections. Stability of WiFi connections could be manipulated by interfering devices and it would anyway be troublesome to maintain consistency in connection inside enclosed establishments.

If you are constantly moving away from computers, Ethernet will not be of much use either. DECT or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications can be installed. The personal spectrums of these phones cut out interferences.

The DECT base can be plugged into a USB port and you gain secure access to the desired network.

Settle the jitters

The voice information you receive through VoIP calling is delivered in packets. To work properly, these packets should be spaced out evenly and be delivered in a constant flow.

A variation of network errors could cause these packets to arrive outside of order. This scrambles the audio and makes the audio difficult to comprehend.

Small jitters can be handled by replacing the Ethernet cable with a Category 6 cable. This increases the pace of transferring information quicker and makes it more likely for data to arrive out of place.

A jitter buffer is for greater severity. It stores voice packet briefly and ensures they are played in the right order.

Consider contention

The contention ratio measures the gap between the available bandwidth and the maximum possible demand for a service. As it is VoIP communications need to contend with other web activities that utilize bandwidth.

The higher the number of users you compete with, the lower will be the quality of the call.

A good way to make sure this does not happen is to buy guaranteed contention ratio from the provider. This could be expensive. But the business definitely makes up for any costs involved. The interruptions will be fewer and wait times will become negligible.

Go for VoIP calling headsets

Better VoIP calling experiences do not always come at great costs. Sometimes, a simple replacement of headphones goes a long way into making things easier for you. Cheaper or obsolete pattern headphones suffer from thin insulation on the cables.

Make sure the new headphones have cords that are short and well insulated. This becomes more important if employees make calls from home. The personal headphones may not meet business standards.