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5 Major IT Managed Services Trends to Watch Out For

The variety of roles that information plays within the corporate structure has piled up the pressure on IT teams. With a greater participation of social, could and now even wearable technologies, the IT landscape is changing at a never-before rate. With this rapid transformation, the role of “smart hands” in managed IT services has become more non-negotiable than ever.

And it is not as if the scope of managed IT services has taken off just yesterday. They were always there, since the beginning of the information boom. However, the magnanimity of their work has seen been a revelation of sorts. In today’s article, we take a look at the major trends that grip these services at present.

Managed IT Services: Major Trends

1. Big Data goes bigger

Sales initiatives, marketing, and engineering of many ambitious commercial organizations now depend on big data. Data and analytics are a huge part of every cornerstone decision taken by commercial entities.

The volumes of data are now so large and varied in nature that the traditional methods of storing and processing them may no longer apply. While it is true that the data tsunami can make spotting trends a lot easier, the backend computing becomes a lot more difficult. This is a major reason most corporates are willing to pay huge for managed IT services in hospitality industry.

2. More virtualization in IT

The manner in which companies are calling for greater virtualization of computing is interestingly sharp. With virtualization, single hardware pieces function like they were separable machines. The major benefit of this is that companies can now scale up the infrastructure of the server without any additional hardware purchase.

Virtualization takes down energy costs and server-clutters. When executed effectively along with other managed IT services, virtualization can play a major role in reducing costs and easing out administration.

3. The cloud becomes larger

5 Major IT Managed Services Trends to Watch Out For _2

Despite the odd gaffe in security, cloud computing continues to be the go-to vault for several small and large businesses. Members of the workforce can easily access information and system processes 24x7x365.

With the cloud, organizations can easily add more productivity to their equipment and systems while reducing any significant overhead costs. Cloud service providers can give you an easy and effective alternative to purchasing expensive systems and servers.

4. And cuts into the mainstream

China and Taiwan have emerged as the two major hotspots of white box servers. These have swiftly made their way into corporate data centers and onto clouds as well. A custom-configured stripped down and no-frills attached cloud management service is the end-result.

Now white boxes are offering cloud management services at a significantly lower cost, making them the go-to choice for entry- level entrepreneurs who could care less for brands.

5. Security gets tighter

The social, mobile and cloud have made IT more mainstream than ever. And those who have looked at security through narrow lenses are now forced to reconsider security of information. To start with, it is already a major priority for any managed IT services provider.

With time, the encryption level that companies adhere to has become more robust and impenetrable. As the social, cloud and mobile platforms become more innovative, protecting the sanctity of information stored in them, will become a greater necessity.