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5 Social Media Security Tips for Business

Businesses have understood the advantages of having a solid social media presence for both customer service and long-term marketing. However, these companies also need to realize the social media security issues, and how an employee’s own presence on networking sites can increase the business’ security woes. For this reason, some companies already prevent internal access while others do not allow employees to have any sort of corporate association outside the workplace on social networking platforms. These steps might seem unnecessarily harsh, but they make sense considering what an employee says publicly outside work often affects the organization’s reputation.

However, following the steps for social media security given below a company can avoid security issues:

Include Social Media Security in Your Company Policy

A company will find it easier to regulate employee access and set rules for suitable behavior by drafting social media policies. These policies need to specifically mention what an employee can and cannot say, including abusive language, slang, negative words etc. It is also the responsibility of the employer to ensure social media security by training their employees on the proper use of words.

Think About a No-Employment Disclosure

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Employers can request their employees to leave the employment status on their social networking profile blank. An employer represents his/her organizations around the clock, and so what he/she says either on the job or during their free time has a direct impact on the image and reputation of the employer. In some cases, the words of the employee can be used against the company.

Employees Get Limited Access to Social Networks

Social networking sites are plentiful on the Internet, and while some of them are more or less appropriate, others are not very secure. If an employee is associated with a social network that is not very reputable and is known for off-color content, it might affect your company in a negative way later. So, make sure your social media security policy mentions which kind of social networking platforms are acceptable.

Make Sure IT Personnel are Suitably Trained

In a company, procedures and policies happen from the top down. IT personnel and managers should be tasked with managing the technology required to get employees up to speed with the risks of using social media in a negligent manner, and setting suitable leadership examples.

Never Totally Block Social Media

Removing access to social media entirely exposes a company to other business security issues. Employees who wish to access social networks will do it in any way, and when something like this happens, they might bypass firewalls, making the company’s network increasingly vulnerable.