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The Right Way to Avoid Website Crash from Too Much Traffic

A spike in Internet traffic is a good thing. It means your website is garnering the right kind of attention from users. But a rapid uptick in website visitors can cause your site to shut down. The servers are unable to take the strain and buckle under the pressure of so many Internet users trying to access your web page. However, a CDN or content delivery network can help you deal with this sort of a website crash.

What is CDN?

A CDN makes it possible for multiple customers to access your website at the same time from anywhere in the world. Moreover, it allows them to download the necessary content quickly.

When Can You Use a CDN?

Online businesses with an extensive customer base spread over a vast geographical area should ideally use CDNS. So should websites with predictable traffic patterns. Moreover, if your website is doing a promotion or contest that is likely to draw huge crowds and potentially cause a website crash, you should avail a CDN. Some websites lag behind the competition because they are not fast enough. These websites can benefit from a CDN. The threat of cyber attacks or denial of service can also be avoided with the help of a CDN.

When Do You Not Require a CDN?

Businesses that cater mainly to local customers do not require a CDN. Moreover, if you lack a global audience or the revenue of your website is not connected directly to its performance, you could do without a CDN.

Selecting the Right CDN for Your Business

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It all depends upon the location your network serves. For example, if your network caters to the US market, you need a CDN that has a strong presence in America for the purpose of stability. You should also check whether the CDN supports your application and meets your goals. Plus, when you’ve decided upon a couple of providers, ask them if they are willing to perform a head-to-head test using your content and application.

Cost of Using CDN

For sites that deal with video delivery, they are charged by CDNs according to the GBT, which is the number of gigabytes transferred. Some CDNs even charged on the basis of Mbps, which means megabytes per second. The rates differ for advertising applications and shopping sites. For them, the cost is dependent upon the number of page views, transactions, and other metrics. The cost of each transaction request or data delivery is minimal, but when you have thousands of people visiting your website, it can add up to a lot of money very quickly.

Speed of Implementing CDN

Do you wish to avail the benefits of CDN for your website? Well, then start with a good provider, and once you figure out all the details, it only takes a few minutes to switch it on. But in the case of complicated applications, this process can take anywhere between a couple of days to a few weeks to configure. So, it’s best if you give yourself a minimum of one month before you go for CDN service. This will give you enough time to determine your requirements and understand how you can avoid a website crash at the best price.