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Cyber Attacks to Anticipate in 2018


Cyber Attacks to Anticipate in 2018

Cyber Attacks to Anticipate in 2018


According to Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, the cyber threats are a huge risk of concern to mankind and actually bigger than the threat of nuclear weapons. Therefore Governments and businesses should be concerned about their fate regarding exposure to cybersecurity. In an effort to do so, it is important to consider what to anticipate in the near future so as to stay on top of your security. Here are some of the top cybersecurity predictions for the year 2018.


Ransom Will Be One of the Most Dangerous Cyber Threats

Computer screen with ransomware attack alert in red and a man keying on keyboard in a dark room ideal for online security and digital crime


The number of malware continued to increase throughout the year 2017 and this is expected to double in 2018. Some of the Ransomware threats we have experienced are WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit. These have demonstrated the possible dangers and serious impacts that companies and governments can expect.

Some of the companies that were seriously affected by these threats include transportation giant Maersk and FedEx who reported massive losses as a result.


In 2018, it is expected that WannaCry and NotPetya will leverage NSA exploit so as to improve their spread and also infect as many systems as possible. The authors of these threats are obviously busy trying to make them more efficient and hard to detect.


Cryptocurrencies Will Face Great Threat From Cybercriminals


Bitcoin continues to rise in value as we tend towards the year 2018, and therefore this is an attractive area that cybercriminals will be looking to rip from. The hackers have already started targeting people involved in cryptocurrencies and this should sound like a serious warning. Initial Coin Offerings are some of the areas that recent cybercriminals are targeting. This is in attempts to hijack funds and buy tokens. Statistics from the last few months show that 4 ICO`s were targeted by cyber criminals and people lost millions of dollars. Further, security firms have detected several malware practices targeting cryptocurrency users and the websites are the targeted avenues.

IoT Devices Will Become Dangerous Weapon


Most of the cyber attacks will be instigated through the IoT devices which are already under unceasing threats. Lack of security by design and poor security are some of the factors that have contributed to successful attacks on these devices. Corero a security firm recently published a report showing that the number of DDoS attacks has doubled in 2017 and this is as a result of unsecured IoT devices. Therefore in 2018, this could be ended to become more serious as attackers develop sophisticated attack methods.


Cyberbullying is an Emergency and Will Be Experienced in 2018


This is the practice of using technology to bully a person and it is already an alarming emergency. It is apparently one of the most dangerous activities. Ther teenagers are the most affected and apparently instigators in most cases. This will be on the rise in 2018. Therefore, Governments and institutions such as Universities and high schools should embrace to face this adequately. Parents too should be ready to offer to counsel to their teens.


In the year 2018, the number of cyber attacks will continue to grow. This is  in every industry and the most vulnerable will be health, energy, retail, and the finance sectors. The best organizations and Governments can do is anticipate these threats and prepare in advance. Therefore hire Security consultants to help in analyzing the security threats on your infrastructure. This analysis should cover both software and hardware. For expert advice, you can contact us on We are experts in matters of cybersecurity for Government and the private sector. Call us today.