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Strategies That Companies Can Use To Achieve Information Security


Strategies That Companies Can Use To Achieve Information Security

Strategies That Companies Can Use To Achieve Information Security


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Information security should be the key area of concern to any organization. This is because the information is one of the greatest assets that an organization depends on to be able to operate. For example, your key customers’ data is something you would not wish your competition to have access to. For the financial institutions, a password that is leaked leading to access to critical information can cost the organization tooth and nail.  This is the same for the Governments, who are also the major victims being targeted by the stealers of information.

Therefore, it makes sense for the businesses and Government ministries to invest substantially in securing their information. This can be done through information security strategies (ISS). Here are some of the ISS tips your organization should think about.

Hardware Authentication

The hardware is the avenue that the stealer of your critical information will use. Therefore, you need to make sure that you secure the hardware so that unauthorized access will not succeed. The inadequacies of usernames and the passwords is something that should be dealt with. There are several strategies that can be implemented to make sure there is no non-authorized access to information. For example, the companies can implement hardware authentication.  With hardware authentication, you will allow access to certain information depending on the hardware that is being used to access the information. Therefore, if the company doesn’t want certain new computers to access the server, they can configure this in the router.

Conducting User Behavior Analytics

The user behavior analytics, allows you to receive an alert whenever a password seems to be compromised. For instance, if a new computer has accessed certain information within the organization using a password associated with another computer, then the person whose password was used should be able to receive an alert. This is only possible if your organization has implemented the user behavior analytics technique. This technology uses the big data analytics to be able to identify the abnormal behavior. This technology aims at addressing this blind spot of password sharing within the organization level.  The use of UBA in your organization password policy will work well if you train the staff.

Data Loss Prevention

Encryption and tokenization is the key to prevention of data loss. With data encryption, it means to make use of a symmetrical key algorithm so as to encrypt the electronic data. Data tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with symbols to retain the essential information. When these two are used, they will be able to protect your information in two levels which include the field and the subfield levels. This will allow your organization to move the data securely without the hacking incidents.

Use of Deep Learning in ISS

This includes the artificial intelligence and machine learning to aid in behavior analytics. When you use this tool, you will be able to determine the malicious behavior and also detect deviation from legitimate behavior. Machine learning is a good solution that can allow your organization to get rid of advanced persistent threats. This is because it can allow you to decipher good and bad software.

The above strategies can go a long way in helping your organization to secure its critical information. If you would like us to help your organization in securing the information, you can contact us via