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Reasons Why your Business Needs Disaster Recovery Plan

Does your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disaster recovery plan

In the recent past, we have witnessed wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, the hurricanes and several earthquakes destroy businesses. The Governments and the local authorities have been in the forefront to warn us of the forecasted disasters and therefore those who reacted to their warning messages could have saved some of their properties. There are several other disasters that could hit your business and hence it is necessary to have a disaster recovery plan. No matter the size of your business, the list is endless.

Unfortunately, several business people think that these spectacular natural disasters are the only threats. The truth is there are other invisible threats you should be prepared for. for instance, a ransomware attack and the cyber threats are some of the threats to anticipate and plan well on how to defend your business. These are external attacks and they are not the only sources of threat to your business. There are other sources of threats that can harm an entire business.
Getting prepared for these disasters requires that the IT department or the business owners dedicate adequate time to come up with disaster recovery plan. Unfortunately, small business owners have always downplayed the threats and you will hear most of them say that they have all the data they need on a USB memory stick. Therefore, the perception is that even if the whole business burns, they are okay. If you evaluate the situation, it would be better for these business owners to think well about the issue, decide and plan rather than spend days trying to fix the issue. So what could happen if your business does not prepare in advance for the unforeseen threats? Here are some of the dangers that could face your business.

The Business Reputation Will Be at Stake

Imagine not being able to offer services to the clients for one or two days because of disaster that has happened? This will lead to complaining clients. The word of mouth especially when it is from an existing client to a potential client could keep you out of future business. Note that news will spread like wildfire especially these days of social media where sharing is instant. Repairing a damaged reputation could you a lot more than it is to install a disaster recovery plan. Patient customers are hard to find and if they exist, they will hold on for a few hours. However, two to several weeks could damage your reputation seriously. Therefore, engage services of Belnis data protection and disaster recovery to avoid instances where your reputation could be at stake.

You Could Lose Existing Customers and Potential Customers as Well

Not planning well could lead to loss of millions. Clients are not so patient especially these days when everything is moving so fast. Therefore, not being able to offer services could lead to potential disaster. The reality is that even if you fix the issue, the client’s negative statement and posts on social media cannot be deleted. These could keep you out of business even with the future clients. Your competitors quickly take advantage of the situation and grab the unhappy clients. once this happens, your business will suffer and you lose the already acquired business together with the future potential opportunities.

Your Employees Too Will Jump Ship

If you have already lost business, you will be suffering to sustain your employees. This is because of low income and hence they will be disgruntled. The other potential employers who are your competitors take advantage and attract the top employees you had. Therefore, your business will suffer double since these employees will also take away the existing clients. this means you cannot operate and you have to re-strategize again. in most cases, you will have to fire the remaining staff because you can`t pay them.

These are some of the threats that your business could be facing because of lack of disaster recovery planning. To avoid such circumstances, Belnis data protection and disaster recovery services can help your business.

Some of the services offered include

  • 100% backup of selected computers and servers
  • 24/7 monitoring of data backups with spare network hardware including servers and workstations
  • onsite data encryption and storage.
  • Testing of data recovery plan twice a year
  • You will also have attention from a trusted professional data recovery plan.

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