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Why Small Businesses in Virginia should Consider Virtualization

Why Small Businesses in Virginia should Consider Virtualization

Virtualization is commonly associated with bigger businesses that need to run a couple of servers and also serves a large clientele. But did you know that virtualization is also important for small businesses? Well, to begin with, virtualization simply refers to running a virtual instance of a computer system on an abstracted layer of actual hardware. Small businesses should take advantage of virtualization based on the several benefits this technology offers. However, before you start thinking about virtualizing your computing environment, you might ask yourself the following questions relating to your business.

  1. Do you currently have a sufficient storage space? Many businesses will consider allocating around 30 to 40 GB per user which of course depends on the job requirements.
  2. Do you have a supportive network infrastructure? You require enough bandwidth to serve your needs.
  3. How does your staff work? If they require full desktop experience, then your business is ideal for virtualization.

Having answered those questions, you might also want to know some of the benefits you will get from virtualization. As an IT manager, you need to be able to convince your finance manager to set aside a budget enough for the virtualization. Also, as a business owner, you need to justify why it is important for you to consider virtualizing your business environment. Therefore, it is important to know the advantages of virtualization for your business. Here are some of the pros of virtualization for your business.

Reduce the Need for Physical Servers

Your business is growing and as days go you need to increase the computing power. Therefore, it might be necessary to invest in additional servers for your business. The client database is growing every day and you need to cope with the rapid growth. With a virtualized computing environment, there is no need to keep spending money buying additional servers.

Reduces Cost of Operations

Having fewer servers’ means you don’t need to have to pay more for electricity. You just need to power just one physical server and this reduces the cost of power. Server room needs to have cooling units installed as well, the more servers you have the higher the capacity of AC needed. Therefore if you just have few servers you are able to lower the cost associated with cooling your server room. Further, you don’t need to employ several IT experts to maintain your computing environment. It is simple to manage the virtual servers using the different tools that come with the virtualization software you want to use. The cost of buying racks for your servers is also reduced since you just have few physical servers.

Better Backup and Disaster Management Plan

With a virtual computing environment, disaster recovery is well catered for since you can have a remote backup server. You just need to have a failover server which replicates all the apps based on the configurations set. Therefore, in case one of the servers fails, the other automatically picks up. With this in place, your clients will experience low to zero downtime.

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