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Cloud Storage and Backup Services For Your Business

Cloud Storage and Backup Services For Your Business

Cloud Storage Help Your Business Cut Down on Costs

Bring Your Own Device trend has received an increased acceptance around the globe. As technology continues to become a powerful enabler, companies are discovering that they don’t need to make heavy investments in Technology devices. A good example of how this is set to become a trend is that the BYO movement has plateaued overall among many companies including the high performers. One thing that is common among the organizations that allow BYO is that they allow people to use the cloud to save files. Further, some of these organizations allow running cloud storage applications.

Small business owners can borrow from this trend. This is because it allows them to avoid the need of investing in expensive equipment which in turn encourages growth. Consider that one of the reasons why SME`s fail to grow is the limit they have when it comes to capital. You need to buy the latest devices so as to match your competition. However, the early adopters of the cloud will attest to the fact that this technique saves them millions of operations money. Thus, they don’t need to invest heavily in computing saving them some extra cash needed for running their marketing departments. So which are the common cloud storage and backup services that SME`s can rely on? Let’s see.


Are you looking for the best online file sharing and content management service that is specially designed for enterprises? Then the best solution you have been looking for is the Box. Your staffs can have access to work documents stored on this online file sharing application. The access can be through the desktop or the mobile platform. This eliminated the need to invest in huge servers and it is a plug and play option. You can track any changes to the files stored on this storage application and you can as well share and exchange files online.

Google Drive

Take advantage of this integrated file sharing and collaborative editing service offered by Google drive. You will have access to Google Docs which can be accessed through the PC, Mac, Chrome OS and Mobile platforms. Google Drive offers a close integration with other Google services. Additionally, the users have access to 5GB free storage drive which can be upgraded at 25 GB at only $2.50 per month.


Another well-known cloud storage application is Dropbox. Once you open a Dropbox account, you will have access to 2GB of free storage. The uploaded files will be encrypted as you will also have access to two-factor authentication. A good package is offered by Dropbox as subscribers will have access to 100 GB of storage available at $99 per year.

Amazon Glacier

Amazon offers low-cost storage ideal for companies that need data archival and backup needs. Storage of data on Amazon Glacier will cost only $0.01 for 1GB of data. Therefore, you can have up to 1 TB for only $10 per month.

These are the available alternatives that can be used for storing data. SME`s that wish to take advantage of BYO can embrace these storage options.  If you have different physical locations, you might require having cloud file syncing. At BELNIS, we offer cloud file sync system which is ideal for SMEs. Take advantage of complete ownership and visibility through our intuitive dashboard.

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