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Basic Security Tips to Fight Cyber Attacks

Basic Security Tips to Fight Cyber Attacks



There are close to 4 billion internet users worldwide and transferring over 25,000n GB of data daily. The statistics keep growing daily and the numbers will soon double. What does this imply when it comes to cybersecurity? Essentially, it is important for the businesses to beef up their network security. Note that as the number of internet users increases; this increases the chances of becoming cybersecurity victims. The cyber breach report for 2017 shows that hackers are getting busier. They are always coming up with new techniques to hack the next bank. The question is, are businesses working on best techniques to ensure they don’t become victims?

In this article, I focus on network security. Your network is the highway used by these hackers to land on your crucial customer data. Therefore, you have to make sure you work on securing the network. Here are some of the tactics you should be working on in 2018.

Build Awareness

The weakest link on your network is the user. This is one of the most targeted nodes on your whole network. The IT awareness programs need to be revived and cover beyond acknowledgment of computer use policies. The mobile applications are posing a challenge to organizations. Every day, your staffs are downloading apps to the company and personal mobile devices. Have you warned them on the potential danger that lies in the use of mobile apps? This includes the verified and unverified mobile applications.

Basically, the awareness programs should cover beyond the signing of policies. Educate your employees regularly on the evolving security threats. Don’t assume that annual educative programs are enough. To some IT personnel, just sending an email to educate the staff is seen as enough. Did you know that only 5% will read that email? Instead, organize training camps to ensure you have full attention.

Backup Critical Data and Ensure Disaster Recovery Plan is Always Ready

You never know when the hackers might be planning to strike. No matter the size of your organization, disaster recovery should be prioritized from the first day of your operations. Invest in a robust backup plan to ensure you have your data even in case they hack today. Further, ensure your disaster plan is tailored for cyber threats. Actually,  many organizations, they have failed to ensure they have a disaster plan that ensures cyberattacks are impossible.  When you are conducting a risk assessment of cyber threats, it is important to make sure your disaster recovery plan is tailored for different attacks from DDoS Attacks, to Ransomware.

Ensure Your Security Metrics are figured out by Expressing Them In Terms of Numbers

Measuring cybersecurity risk is becoming a challenging task. An effective measuring framework is important for you to have meaningful metrics data. Ensure that the threats reports put the numbers into perspective to prove that management should invest in disaster recovery plan. The mistake that IT professionals do is that they don’t report what is at stake. The report just covers what needs to be done. This doesn’t make se4nse to the managers. Therefore, it is just like shooting blind. Express the potential risk in numbers and you will be able to convince them to invest in DR systems.

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