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Factors To Consider When Hiring Offsite Data Backup Plan

Factors To Consider When Hiring Offsite Data Backup Plan

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Businesses are trying to collect as much data as they can so as to help in decision making. In today’s business environment, it is critical for business managers to ensure their data is secure. With a lot of data being collected, it is important to ensure your data storage is scalable enough. Further, businesses need to make sure their data is accessible on demand. Therefore the backup plan chosen should be highly reliable.  A business might decide to settle for an offsite backup solution.

There are various advantages of using an offsite data backup plan. These include:

  • Ability to access data from any location through the internet
  • Ability to preserve data in case of unexpected occurrence
  • Data sharing in remote locations

But what are the factors to consider before you settle on an offsite storage? Here are some of the critical considerations.

What are Your Company Needs?

Before you settle on the offsite backup service provider, you first have to consider your needs. While doing this, answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you need an offsite backup plan and what is the size of data space needed?
  2. Will you need future support from the service provider and if so, are you ready to incur the ongoing cost of support?
  3. Are there any regulations that you must comply with such as industry-specific regulations? There are some special circumstances where you need to comply with the industry-specific regulations. For instance, if you are under public sector, there might be some guidelines to follow when it comes to the handling of public information.

Budgetary Constraints

Offsite data backup comes at additional cost. Will you be able to afford the cost? Various service providers will have different plans. Contact them for a free quote on the amounts charged and compare the cost to your budget. Pay attention to any hidden fees. Bear in mind that some service providers will conceal data limit or the need for future upgrades so as to ensure the amount charged is attractive to you.

Data Security

How secure will your data be? No matter where your data is, you should ensure that you secure it. Consider the rising cases of data hacking and malicious attacks. What are the security measures offered by your potential data backup service provider? Remember the physical security is also important. Some business owners don’t mind where the physical server is as long as they have access to it via the internet or FTP. This should not be the case as data is also vulnerable to physical attacks.

Review the Service Provider Reputation

Your data backup service provider should have a good reputation. Ask your friends for recommendations and read online reviews. Review the following?

  • Does the service provider have a transparent history?
  • Does the company have the required certifications?
  • How many industry players recommend the company?

The track record should give you a basis for deciding whether you should work with the company or not. For the best offsite data backup solution, contact BELNIS. We offer offsite backup and data security services.