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Top Security Threats that Enterprises in Virginia are Facing Today

Top Security Threats that Enterprises in Virginia are Facing Today

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Recently, we saw the enactment of the GDPR regulations by the European Union. These regulations usher a new world of change, especially for the enterprise security teams. The new legislation will bring about the need for identifying and documenting the data elements and the data collection activities. This means that IT and the security professionals must join forces with the privacy risk and compliance officials so as to be able to operationalize the data governance policies. Since the new law came into force, we have seen the implementation of compliance4 mechanisms aiming at data protection. This includes the data that was collected by third parties from the everyday website activity.
Well, this is one of the greatest efforts we have seen the European Union enact so as to ensure the protection of citizens. But what role are the companies supposed to play so as to protect their data from hackers and other risks? The same way the security of internet users matters, so should the security of sensitive data by companies be taken? In this article, we review some of the common risks that face enterprises when it comes to security matters. Therefore, keep reading to find out where you need to guard your organization.

The Insider Threat

Some of the largest threats we are seeing in the modern day aren’t as a result of hackers who are emanating from the outside. In fact, the employees and third parties with access to sensitive data for the sake of work are a huge threat. In some cases, these people steal the sensitive data exposing you to competitors. The security managers should be aware that the data security breaches from employees and third parties are double. This is a serious challenge that cannot be solved by just investing in expensive hardware and firewalls.

Cloud Configuration and Security

As organizations adopt the cloud, information security is being left out. Several misconfigurations at the cloud level are leading to leakage of sensitive company data. However, the reality is that these challenges aren’t published and therefore hard to get to the public domain. This has led to lack of information and hence many people don’t know the potential danger that cloud brings to the security of their top secrets and sensitive information.

Mobile Career Vulnerability

The carrier networks have become very popular in the modern day. In fact, these are used to transport the voice and data communications every day. These career networks are becoming systematically vulnerable as organizations have left them out when it comes to interception and monitoring. Hackers and terrorist groups are taking advantage of the carrier networks and organizations and Governments aren’t aware of the potential dangers.
That having been said, the best strategy for enterprises is to hire an expert in security matters. This way, the organization can be aware to stay ahead by protecting their people from the high potential threats we have seen above.

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