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Best Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Strategies For Your Business

Best Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Strategies For Your Business

Modern businesses rely on IT and this means that they will not be able to operate if their IT systems went down. Does that sound like your company? It is crucial that you have a disaster preparedness plan so that you can be able to quickly recover in case the unexpected occurs. With a disaster recovery plan, you are assured that even in case of the worst happening, then you will quickly be back to business. In this article, we feature the best disaster preparedness recovery strategies for businesses in Richmond area.

  1. Identify the Most likely Risks

The first step in disaster recovery preparedness is identifying the potential risks facing your business. What are some of the serious threats that face the IT infrastructure? This could be things like systems failure, Fire or burglary, power loss, and even the IT staff resignation! These occurrences could mean huge losses for your business and hence it’s important ensuring you have a disaster recovery plan.

  1. Prioritize the Recovery

In what order will the recovery be conducted? It is important that you prioritize the order in which the things will be conducted when the recovery process begins. Which files do you begin restoring and in which order? This means that you prioritize the files that are crucial for business continuity.

  1. Backup the Data

The recovery point objective is another factor that must be taken into consideration. This means the amount of data that your company is prepared to lose in the disaster. The disaster recovery plan involves ensuring that you have enough data backed up at the recovery site. When backing up the data prioritize the files that are crucial for business continuity. For instance, if you are an ecommerce company, you don’t wish to lose the sales data. Your disaster recovery should prioritize the files that you aren’t prepared to lose.

  1. Create a Disaster Recovery and Disaster Response Team

Another essential step is ensuring that you have a disaster recovery team in place and prepared adequately. Think of the response team as a team of fire fighters. The team should always be ready and prepared to deliver the services. Ensure every role has someone in charge and outline the duties that each one of the team should carry out. Have multiple means of contacting the persons that are needed to respond to the disaster.

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