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5 Tips to choosing the right IT consulting firm

The value of outsourcing IT services is really in the eyes of the beholder. Letting an outsider to handle and deliver on IT related services is not an easy road to travel though! It takes thorough planning and goal setting to run a successful project. In this article, we feature some important things to bear in mind when hiring a professional IT consultant for your Business.



  1. Develop a Strategic Plan

Planning plays an important role in any business undertaking. When you have settled on outsourcing the IT function, it is important you begin the process by coming up with a strategic plan. Part of planning involves defining the goals. What is it that you want to achieve? Secondly, you need to decide on the functions that you are outsourcing. Are you outsourcing the whole IT department or just maintenance? Those are some of the important things to talk about when planning.

  1. Decide whether to single source or Go for Competitive Bidding


Decide whether to source the services directly from a single company or invite several companies through a bidding process. These two have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, with direct single sourcing, it is faster, compared to the bidding process. However, when you invite bids from different companies, you can get competitive pricing. Determine which of the two suits your company.

  1. Look at the Experience

What experience does the potential firm hold that attracts you to source their services? It is critical that you investigate the firm’s performance in similar projects they have participated in. therefore, ask them to provide some reference sites indicating the clients address for your reference. This is a very important step since you will be able to determine the skills that make a particular company more appropriate for the task compared to the others.

  1. Does the Company offer Services that connect to your Requirements?

There are different IT services consultancy firms out there. Each one might be offering different services from the other. It is important that you scrutinize the firm’s offerings and match them to your needs. Probably they are competent in Linux operating systems while you want a Microsoft server expert. Therefore, don’t underrate the importance of checking how well the company connects to your requirements.

  1. Understand their approach and Sign a Service Level Agreement

What approach will the firm take to deliver the services? Let them offer their suggested SLA document for your perusal and only sign if it suits your firm’s needs.


Those are the critical undertakings to ensure success in outsourcing the IT functions in your firm. It is important that as the investor you hire a qualified IT consultancy firm. For the best services, contact BELNIS today.