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Why Cloud Computing Matters

Why Cloud Computing Matters

From the unanticipated act of terrorism to digital attacks, various incidents threaten business continuity. That is why it is important for businesses to consider cloud computing. In this article, we feature the reasons why cloud computing is still relevant in 2019. Small, medium and large enterprises, cannot afford to undermine the important role cloud computing plays today. Here are some of the reasons we think cloud computing matters for your business.


  1. Cloud Provides Better Security

The cloud might seem like a very distant and intangible place to store your data. However, this is the most secure way to store valuable data. Provided the cloud service provider has installed good anti-virus software, and firewall rules, cloud computing offers you best security. Therefore, you are guaranteed that your data and the analytics remain safe and not floating around for hackers or unauthorized personnel to find. In other words, cloud computing provides a high level of security to business data. It is ideal for every business that is concerned about security.

  1. Cloud Computing Means More Available Space

An important aspect of the cloud is that it allows the business to enjoy more space. You can store a large amount of data without requiring an installation of additional drives. You just need to upgrade to the plan that gives you additional space. Therefore, rather than buying additional disk when you run out of space, you just upgrade through a couple of clicks and you are done.

  1. Enjoy More Collaboration

Through cloud computing, you can enjoy workplace collaboration. Information can be shared across the organization. This is boundary-less collaboration allowing you to share the folders internationally. So long as colleagues have access to the shared folder or documents, you are able to enjoy unlimited collaboration.

  1. Cost Effective Storage

You can make a onetime unlimited storage subscription.  This is ideal when a business requires high scalability. Instead of having to purchase multiple hard drives, you can relatively enjoy high scalability at minimal costs. Cloud computing also allows you to purchase the storage that you only need. You don’t have to keep purchasing storage that you do not require. This helps to avoid unnecessary costs.


  1. Redundancy Helping to Protect your Business

Cloud computing provides the business with duplicate copies and systems that can be used in the case of system failure. Even in case of inaccessibility to a file, you can recover it from the remote storage. The redundancy is made possible through having replicated copies accessible to different computers.


Those are the important benefits of cloud computing. Are you already using cloud computing for your business? Consult BELNIS today for the best cloud computing solutions. We guarantee a response within an hour.