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Why Cloud Computing Technology is Important for your Business

Cloud Computing

Why Cloud Computing Technology is Important for your Business

Cloud computing technology has come a long way. More than ten years ago, we saw the emergence of the first primitive cloud. Through cloud computing technology, CFOs and CIOs can optimize the cost efficiency of the IT service delivery. This is through the application of cloud economics to the core enterprise applications. A disruptive change that the IT departments will soon face is the movement to cloud computing. We have witnessed cloud-computing beginning to have an effect on the modern enterprises and this shows that IT managers must give way to the new shareable environment. So what are some of the advantages of taking cloud computing technology?


Let us have a look at some of the advantages of moving to cloud computing.


  1. Enjoy Fewer Costs

CIOs and CFOs can agree that the cost of the traditional enterprise hardware and software is disproportionate to the value that the infrastructure offers the organization. The cost of paying for software licenses is too high and organizations prefer the open source and the emerging cloud computing instead of investing in expensive hardware. In the intense budget-conscious times, we are in today, the IT managers can advise the head of departments to switch to the cloud computing to save on cost.

  1. 24*7 availability

Cloud computing provides high availability of your services. This comes with a competitive advantage as you can make sure your customers are not experiencing service disruptions. Through the maintenance of more uptime, workers get more productive as they can work in the shifts that they prefer. In addition, they can access the systems from any point as long as they have the required credentials.

  1. Scalability

Cloud computing solutions are highly scalable. Therefore, you can always request additional space to suit your database growth. The scalability is available immediately and can be done within a record time avoiding loss of sales and other opportunities.

  1. Enjoy Automated Software Updates

The servers in a cloud-computing infrastructure are always checking for the release of the latest versions. Therefore, your software is always up to date making sure you enjoy a high computing power.  This also covers the security updates that must be done on time to avoid service disruption due to malicious intent. This gives you more time to focus on the things that matter to your business.

  1. Advanced Security Features

Another top advantage you enjoy with cloud computing is the great security that is crucial when handling sensitive data like customer contacts. In case of a failure on one server,  the other servers providing backup will take up the functions hence a high uptime gives you maximum potential.


Those are some of the advantages of cloud computing. Is your Virginia based company already running on cloud applications? Take advantage of the new and most efficient way of working today. Contact BELNIS today and start enjoying the power of cloud computing.