Meet Our CEO, Larry Martin

As a business owner, I understand that time is the most limited resource any organization has.

Throughout my 20+ year career working in larger companies, I saw firsthand how much time, energy, and money was wasted on IT issues.  Whether these organizations were trying to self-diagnose and resolve the issues themselves or simply avoiding the problem altogether, I found the sheer volume of resources wasted shocking.

With a background in business development, strategic planning, and technology, my work as CEO of BEL Network Integration & Support is to deliver IT consulting solutions for small to medium businesses that want to grow, thrive, and maximize efficiency in a digital world. I wanted to build a strategically centered managed IT service that focused on our clients' unique needs, goals, and challenges in a simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated way.  My goal was to provide our clients with all of the results with none of the jargon – and that remains our mission today.

As CEO of BEL Network Integration & Support, my job is to provide the leadership, mentorship, strategic planning, and development that drives our work forward.

With years of experience in digital security and compliance, business strategy, managed IT, leadership for large enterprises, and technical consulting for organizations of all sizes, I have always been excited by the prospect of helping others maximize their profitability and efficiency without breaking the budget.  At the center of my work is a belief that transformative IT solutions for businesses don’t need to be overly complicated or filled with unnecessary geek-speak:  They just need a qualified team of compassionate professionals capable of solving complex problems without overwhelming the client with unnecessarily complex jargon.

It's simple.  It’s direct.  It works.

When I'm not trying to reimagine the managed IT consulting and service industry, I can be found spending time with my family, finding adventure through travel, or staying up to date on the latest technology and business development trends.  I am also the co-author of "Business Owner's Guide to Investing in IT: How to Increase Productivity, Reduce Risk and Prevent Costly Cyber Attacks”.