BEL Network Integration and Support Breach Detection

Have you ever been attacked by malware inside your network especially after a breach occurred? If yes, then you are required to take appropriate measures to secure your network to prevent further destruction.

BELNIS Breach Detection System (BDS)

The Breach Detection System (BDS) is a category of security devices and application which has been designed to identify and detect any unusual activity that might occur from an internal or outside attack.

BELNIS has introduced this service to help firms protect their sensitive data from any problem before it actually occurs. This is like an alarm that malleolus activity has been detected and you must take immediate action to protect your system.

So, BELNIS BDS service entirely focuses on how to detect malicious activities within your network. We determine the possible breaches through contrary combinations such as violation reporting, data policy understanding, safe marked traffic, risk assessment, traffic analysis.

BELNIS Breach Detection System (BDS) Incorporates 3 Major Deployment Methods including:

  • Out-of-band systems
    • It scans data which is mirrored from port scans, network tap or switch.
  • In-line systems
    • It is positioned between the WAN interface and network similarly to intrusion prevention systems and tier 1 firewalls.
  • Endpoint deployments
    • It basically uses a client’s setup and is installed on endpoint machinery.

So, if you want to detect side-channel attackers or breaches which have not been found yet, call us. BELNIS is equipped to help you with your business development and growth.