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PC Care

PC Care

Smart Ways to Ensure Your PC Keeps On Running Smoothly

The PC you have at home and work requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, their performance suffers, and they may slow down and crash. Now, maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean calling an IT professional over t...

PC Care

PC Care Tips: How to Care for Your PC in Five Simple Steps?

The performance of a computer declines over the years and you might be tempted to buy a replacement when it happens. However, there are a few easy procedures that cost no money and can be completed without any ...

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Is Your Inbox FULL Of Important Messages You Don’t Want To Delete

There’s no doubt about it: e-mail has become the single most important communication tool for businesses. But messages pile up quick, taking up storage space that can be expensive to back up. And since deleting everything isn’t always an option when certain threads contain important info about projects, contracts and client communications, the smartest option it to archive your inbox.
Archiving is simply a process of removing old (but important) e-mails from your “active” inbox and folders to a compressed, encrypted backup, freeing up space in your inbox and preserving your e-mails should you need to dig them up at some point in the future. Should you archive? The answer is “Yes” for 3 important reasons:

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A New Favorite Way Hackers Are Gaining Access To Your PC

Do you have Java turned on in your web browser? If your answer is “Yes” or “I’m not sure” then it’s time to take action to find out. Why? The biggest threat to your computer systems in 2013 (and beyond) is no longer Microsoft Windows – it is Oracle Java.


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Do you ever turn your computer off?

Ask yourself this quick question: At the end of the day, do you turn your computer off or simply stand up and leave? If you were to ask this question to 10 people, you would likely not get all of them to agree on which is the best method. This is actually a common question, but one which is not as simple to answer as you might think.

So, let’s take a look into whether you should shut your computer down at night or not. The first thing we should do is look at three myths that surround this topic.