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Reasons Why your Business Needs Disaster Recovery Plan

Does your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Disaster recovery plan In the recent past, we have witnessed wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, the hurricanes and several earthquakes destroy businesses. The Gove...


Cyber Attacks to Anticipate in 2018

Cyber Attacks to Anticipate in 2018   According to Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, the cyber threats are a huge risk of concern to mankind and actually bigger than the threat of nuclear weapons. Therefore ...


ISIS Cyber Threat: Four Countermeasures to Cyber Terrorism (Part 2)

You know cyber terrorism is for real when they break into the databases of FBI partnered organizations. In our last post, we discussed how the ISIS has equipped itself to carry out cyber-attacks on governments ...

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ISIS Cyber Attacks Are Real: How Are They Doing It? (Part 1)

Until now, the ISIS cyber attacks have been launched by disparate and uncoordinated groups whose claims to association with the Caliphate have largely been unfounded. But that changes with the central outfit co...


Internet Vulnerability: Why Seeing Beyond the Obvious Is Necessary

If you think that your computer which has an access to the internet is well-secured just because you use updated antivirus software, you are wrong. Cyber criminals have become more technologically advanced and ...


3 Greatest Business Security Risks and Ways of Fighting Back

Much like 2014, security breaches made big news all through the last year and despite enhanced general awareness about business security risks, most businesses had little or no measure of tracking sensitive dat...


Security Landscape in 2016: Cyber attacks to be watch out for

We have entered into 2016, yet cyber attacks continue to plague the world. Call it unfortunate or attribute it to the present times, security strategies need to be tightened by people all over the world. Hacker...


Five Common Benefits of Disaster Recovery Planning

Disasters are nothing out of the ordinary; whether natural calamities or something related to business ventures. As regards the latter, most companies have professionals with readiness adept at offering technic...


The Need for Small Business Data Recovery Planning

Data recovery is the process with which data can be restored, even if it had earlier been lost, deleted, corrupted or its access has been denied for some purpose. Data recovery is not a matter of losing importa...

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A New Favorite Way Hackers Are Gaining Access To Your PC

Do you have Java turned on in your web browser? If your answer is “Yes” or “I’m not sure” then it’s time to take action to find out. Why? The biggest threat to your computer systems in 2013 (and beyond) is no longer Microsoft Windows – it is Oracle Java.