BEL is the IT consulting company that specializes in responsive, personalized and expert cloud solutions, managed cybersecurity services, strategic IT consulting, and managed IT services. We are passionate about bringing client-focused productivity, scalability, and security to small and medium businesses.

Why BEL Network Integration & Support?

  • Repsonsive

Our team will respond to your emails, come on-site when necessary, and remote in to save you time. When you leave a voicemail, we promise to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time.

  • Personalized

We’ll take inventory of your technology during annual reviews and help  plan a replacement strategy. We also get to know strengths and weaknesses, so you can skip the “Okay, is your computer plugged into the wall?” support conversation.

  • Experts

We understand that your business is not IT, it’s delivering an exceptional experience to your customers. We’re readily available to help you and your board make the right decisions.

Types of IT Consulting Services


Protect all aspects of your business by implementing a layered approach to cybersecurity.


Enjoy a full-service outsourced IT department, with round-the-clock support and monitoring.


Plan and budget for how your organization will leverage technology with world-class IT consulting.


Increase productivity, cybersecurity, and scalability with the latest in cloud technology.

Types of IT Consulting Clients We Serve


It’s not enough to do IT the old way. Forward-thinking companies are amplifying productivity and revolutionizing collaboration with an array of cloud solutions that have changed the way business gets done. From server migration to optimizing industry-leading products like Office 365 and Google Cloud, Bel Network Integration and Support can help your business leverage today’s cloud solutions for next-level success.


Managed cybersecurity solutions are critical in a world where phishing, ransomware and cyber-aggressor threats are just part of doing business in the digital age. Larger companies are spending billions to keep themselves protected, but security tech doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive for smaller companies. The team at BELNIS can help secure your company data, protect systems from malware, viruses and worms, and train users to spot potential threats— all without the billion dollar price tag. We’ll configure the most effective business continuity solutions that will keep your company’s day to day operations up and running, even if you do suffer a breach.


Greater Richmond Region | Northern Virginia | Tidewater in Virginia

Increasingly complex technology, software crashes, and implementing offsite backup protocols are just a few of the challenges businesses face in a fast-paced world where smaller companies may not have an in-house CIO. BELNIS fills that gap with our managed IT services to help clients with everything from deploying a new workstation to proactively monitoring systems to addressing slow networks. And you won’t get a lot of ‘tech speak’ and jargon from our team. As IT experts, we pride ourselves on highly responsive, friendly service, customized to your unique needs. We’ll keep your technology up and running so you can focus on driving value for your business.


Unless you have a full-time CIO to manage everything from computer repairs to disaster recovery plans, it can be a major challenge just to keep up with technology that’s moving at a staggering pace. Whether you need occasional or full-time support, with BELNIS IT consulting services, you get the benefit of an entire team of CIO-level experts who can provide strategic analysis and IT management, and who will respond to problems with personalized solutions within one hour, guaranteed.

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