What Is Virtualization?

The technology of virtualization gives you an edge in business by providing access to increased storage, networking hardware and computing. BEL Network guarantees that all the business applications in your business will run on a low budget and that you likely would not require an investment in new infrastructure.

Virtualization Explained and Why It’s Worth It

You probably use a lot of servers and PCs to do work every day in your office. They eat up a lot of power, maintenance time, and money. BEL Network can virtualize these systems for you: taking all the functions that these systems perform and making them run in a program based on ONE machine. Virtualization replaces the big and clunky hardware you use to run faster, more efficiently, and with fewer costs, as well as a whole host of other benefits for your business:

  • Easy and safe access for your virtual systems from outside the office via the Internet, so you can work anytime, anywhere.
  • A minimum of complex hardware for you to worry about, so you use less power and don’t waste time managing and using your infrastructure.

  • Policy-based automation on many routine tasks, carried out every day by a smart system that helps you stay compliant with regulations, and frees up your staff to focus on more important work.

  • Built-in disaster preparedness with automated backups and easy remote access of not only your files, but everything inside your virtual system.

  • Improved security with automated updates.

  • Customized and focused virtual environments on the applications and storage space that YOU need, and nothing more.

There are a variety of potential systems that can be virtualized, including:

Desktops – Full desktop environments with all the applications you need to do work every day.

Applications – Such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, QuickBooks, and more.

Servers – Including Oracle, SQL Server, and others.

Storage – Helping you avoid large storage servers in-office.

Networks – Eliminating complex switches and firewalls stored in your physical location, improving their performance.

Cloud Computing vs. Virtualization: The Differences

Cloud Computing and Virtualization are similar technologies, and they sometimes can be interchangeable. However, one major difference between the two technologies is that Virtualization is software which manipulates and controls hardware. Whereas Cloud Computing is a service which occurs with the manipulation of virtualization.

So, are you ready to incorporate virtualization in your business?

This is a tricky question for businesses because the needs and requirements of every business vary from each other. Virtualization might offer the best solutions for some businesses while others might not get much out of it. Basically, whether your business is ready or not to incorporate, virtualization requires in-depth analysis. Do your homework before deciding. We can help!

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Benefits of Cloud Computing and Virtualization Services

Eliminate clunky and expensive servers that eat up space and power in your office

A virtual environment allows you and your employees to access online

A foolproof backup and disaster recovery plan ensures proper management and storage of the critical customer data.

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