Still receive emails attempting to sell you pills or body part enlargement plans? Or perhaps the Nigerians have already discovered your business and are offering millions in return for your banking details?

You might wonder who in their right mind would even respond to these. But the fact is people do!

People receive emails urging them to open and respond to documents attached to emails or urging them to login and correct anomalies in their credit card or bank transactions.

These emails appear to be authentic enough to make a substantial number of the receivers respond.

Fact is, even if 1 or 2% receivers respond to these emails it spells success for the spamsters and disaster for the respondents. You can protect your staff from being amongst the group that responds by simply stopping them from receiving spam emails in the first place.

Fact is, documents attached to spam emails come laden with computer virus or Trojans. A single infection in your computer network is enough to cause weeks of headaches and resultant data losses could cause incalculable damage to your financial bottom line.

Why bring in an expert on anti-spam?

We agree that the net is full of install-and-forget anti-spam software. There is an equal number of anti-virus software that also covers email programs. But how many of these really work?

The number of times that BELNIS has found computers corrupted by viruses – computers that were supposed to be protected by active up-to-date anti-virus software, will surprise you.

Real anti-spam protection takes millions of lines of code and enormous sums of money to create – would anyone get it away for free or nearly free? Nothing beats FREE! Software is distributed for FREE with the intention to gain something – usually sensitive data mined from the unsuspecting user’s computer.

Anti-spam software that does work not only costs a pretty penny, it usually also requires extensive configurations which in turn require specialized knowledge.

Each year tens of thousands of spamsters are added to spam databases; does your anti-spam program even reference these databases? Flagging a dangerous email after it has been opened is like bolting the gates after the castle has been invaded.

Anti-spam and email protection software installed by BELNIS ensure that rogue emails are detected and quarantined before they are opened by your staff. Your employees never get to see spam much less click on a URL within or open rogue attachments. Only designated IT admin personnel go through such quarantined emails.

Benefits of Email & Spam Protection

  • Quarantine suspicious emails before employees even see them.
  • Keep Hackers Out and Your Reputation Intact

  • Boost productivity, decrease user frustration and get up-to-the minute virus definition updates

Yes, I’m ready to have a better email experience today!