What are managed IT services?

BELNIS is a full-service outsourced IT department for your business, ensuring your systems are up and running with quick and easy access to both remote and on-site IT support – all for one price

We manage technology, so you don’t have to

Why do I need managed IT services?

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Technology can be a key ingredient in your company’s growth: The technology landscape can be very complex and it is not easy to pick the right tools for your challenges without some technical expertise. Whether you are looking for the best email solution, network design or a refreshed systems landscape to support adding new offices, BELNIS can be your virtual CIO and help you navigate this complexity without consuming all your time and resources.
You are already spending more on IT whether you know it or not: Do you have employees (potentially yourself) that act as a part-time IT support person today? How much is an hour or more of your time or your employees time worth? How many hours each week get allocated to addressing IT problems, whether it is a forgotten password or slow network? While these costs can be difficult to quantify, don’t kid yourself, they are real and are costing you real money! BELNIS removes the need for “part-time” IT people who have other jobs in your business, and allow your employees to focus on what matters and what is crucial to their role and your business.
You are not in the IT business: In today’s business world, if your systems and/or network is down, nothing is getting done and your employees are getting frustrated! Not to mention, technology continues to advance at a staggering pace, creating its own complexity! Hiring a single IT person would cost you well north of $100k per year fully loaded, not to mention one person doesn’t know everything. BELNIS takes that burden off your shoulders, so you go focus on what drives value for your business.
We manage technology, so you don’t have to
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What do managed IT services include?

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Fast reliable IT Support – Computer not working or software crashes, not a problem, BELNIS is only a click or phone call away. We can address the vast majority of your issues using our remote capabilities and have you back up and running without disrupting your day.
On-site assistance – If our remote service can’t fix your problem, we will be on-site to address and fix. You get all the benefits of a fully staffed in-house IT department without all the headaches and costs.
24 / 7 Proactive monitoring – Technology doesn’t sleep, so we monitor your network and systems environment to identify potential issues before they become major problems and fix before you ever notice an impact.
Friendly services without a lot of “IT Speak” – Our support team prides themselves on fast and friendly service without using too much technical jargon that doesn’t make sense to you.
Off-site Backup and Recovery Services – One of the most important things you can do for your business is protect your information assets. That said, no protection is 100%, so we provide you piece of mind by employing backup services both on and off-site on a regular schedule to ensure you are ready if a catastrophic failure occurs.
We manage technology, so you don’t have to
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