Are you apprehensive about the safety of your computers and network and being hacked? No need to worry anymore! BELNIS is a network security services company here to safeguard your systems.

We are now fully aware of the fact that increased wireless communication on your company’s networks with Tablets and Cell Phones have made hacking and stealing sensitive data much easier for hackers. Although large enterprises can afford to implement state-of-the-art resources for Network and Computer security, small and medium-sized companies cannot afford to recruit full-time computer, network, and data security, specialists.

So, the best, most cost-effective option available is to outsource your security needs to a responsive, experienced and reliable network security services company such as BELNIS.

Computer Data Security Protection

  • Partner with BELNIS and secure your company’s data
  • Constant alert protection
  • Protect your computer system from data theft

How does BELNIS maintain your network security?

  • BELNIS not only secures your network from hackers but also ensures your backups are safe.
  • In the case of data loss or corruption, BELNIS will restore lost data from your maintained backups.
  • Institute a disaster recovery plan
  • Customized backups for your specific network security requirements
  • Reinstallation of new Software and Hardware
  • 24 x 7 offsite secure backups

What are the services provided by BELNIS network security?

  • Real-time reporting and monitoring
  • Multilayered encrypted data security protection on and offsite
  • Availability of forensically secure off­site logs
  • Creation of customized and acceptable use policy which suits your business
  • Offering access to optional internet searches, monitoring of websites and files by designated staff members
  • Implements policies for server data security
  • Provides complete email security
  • BELNIS installs military grade Firewalls

Benefits of Network Security Services

24/7 remote monitoring to constantly scan for unauthorized access or potential IT issues.

Backups for your files to ensure we can easily restore your important data.

Updates and upgrades implemented for your existing systems as soon as they are available.

Advice on safe computing designed to help you use your technology safely.

“No more worries about IT and the protection of our data.” The knowledgeable staff and the speed with which issues are corrected, especially Chris. Virtually every experience has been efficient and timely.

Karen Moore, Vice President
Moore Financial Services

Yes, I’m ready to start protecting my business data today!