Moving offices can mean big IT headaches and managing enormous risk, from re-installing computers and servers to reconfiguring software to getting networks and infrastructure back online. Many companies get help from experienced, credentialed IT experts who can help make it a pain free experience.  BELNIS offers the technical competence, experience, careful planning, and execution you need to meet these challenges head on.

BELNIS is Making Server Migration and Computer Installations & Configurations a Painless Experience

BELNIS Makes It Easy

We’ll implement industry best practices to deliver headache-free server migration and equipment installation, promising to make a complicated process a trouble-free experience. Our exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art cabling technology are just some of the many benefits you’ll get when you use BELNIS for your next migration.

We’ll start with a comprehensive survey of your existing network, evaluating where upgrades and expansions may be required, then we’ll collaborate with you to plan and execute your new, enhanced network.

We’ll eliminate bottlenecks that make neworks sluggish with our cutting-edge cable technology so you’ll realize big productivity gains and eliminate user frustration.

Benefits of Server Migration Assistance

  • Reduced Chance of Data Loss and Corruption
  • Migration Testing and Validation

  • Risk Analysis and Minimal Downtimes




  • Pain Free Installations and Configuration


Yes, I’m ready to have a painless moving experience today!