Today, smaller companies with fewer resources are competing with giants and large enterprises, leveraging forward-thinking innovations like Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) technologies. BELNIS can manage this groundbreaking, highly scalable solution for you so your business can compete with the giants, too.

VoIP: Easy, Affordable, Reliable and Mobile

VoIP software and hardware leverage the power of the internet to deliver a flexible and feature-rich communications tool to businesses both large and small. You can send faxes and make phone calls using your existing LAN infrastructure so you don’t have to buy expensive hardware systems that quickly become outdated, and the cost savings are significant.

With VoIP you get:

  • A user-friendly interface with a low learning curve
  • An inexpensive solution that makes setup costs, maintenance and installation fees a thing of the past
  • Forwarded mobile phone or laptop features that let you answer calls from any location
  • Reliable, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance with a hosted system

The experts at Bel Network Integration and Support have extensive experience with VoIP technology, and our smart, simple setup process makes implementing and using this scalable, cost-effective solution a quick and painless process.

BELNIS Installs and Provides VoIP Systems

Now that you understand why a VoIP phone system is easy and stress-free, let BELNIS help you get connected with VoIP. Because, our fast, smart and simple setup process will have you receive and make online calls in no time.

Benefits of VoIP & Hosted PBX

no set-up fees for a hosted PBX system

Hosted PBX phone systems fall under operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure

hosted PBX service providers will take care of all the set-up and installation

Yes, I’m ready to have a painless moving experience today!