Cloud Computing and Virtualization Helps your Business Achieve a lot More with a lot Less!


Cloud Computing and Virtualization technology gives your business access to vastly increased storage, computing and networking hardware. We guarantee that all your business applications will run on it without you needing to budget or spend heavily on new infrastructure. Essentially, your business leverages highly advanced technology without the associated hardware and software spend.

Pooled IT Resources Results in Lowered IT Costs

Unless your employees are very young,  most staff dreads new hardware equipment that forces them to have to retrain. With virtual infrastructure, your hardware more or less remains the same thus eliminating the need for new training (and the disruption and the expenses thereof). Moreover, virtual infrastructure gives your business the advantage of pooled resources that results in lowered IT costs and better leverage with IT infrastructure investments.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing – What’s the Difference?

Cloud Computing and Virtualization are similar technologies but are not interchangeable. Besides, the differences are significant enough to be factored into your investment decision. In very simple terms, virtualization is software that manipulates hardware, cloud computing on the other hand, refers to services that result from such manipulation.

The manipulation via virtualization makes it possible to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications under each operating system on the same server at the same time which until now was not possible. Virtualization therefore enables businesses to reduce IT costs while increasing the flexibility, utilization and efficiency of their existing computer hardware.

BELNIS can provide your business with customized cloud services that includes elasticity, self-service capability, scalability, automated management and pay-as you go service.

BELNIS can provide both private and public cloud services. The former includes ownership of the virtualized environment and therefore provides you with more control and flexibility. Public cloud on the other hand, is much cheaper and more suitable to small businesses.

Is your business ready for Virtualization?

The answer to this all important question lies in in-depth analysis of the specific needs and requirements of
your business. While virtualization is the best solution for some businesses, a cloud solution might be suitable for other businesses.


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