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Cloud File Sync

BELNIS Cloud File Sync System FeaturesBELNIS Cloud File Sync

BELNIS offers the tools for you to your cloud file sync and backup solution.

Ownership and visibility through an intuitive dashboard.

  • Centrally administered dashboard
  • Comprehensive usage reports
  • Web and mobile applications (iOS, Android)
  • Smart alerting system for data usage

Power up your organization with the most efficient cloud storage software.

  • Managed file sharing for internal/external parties
  • Multiple folder backup (Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc.)
  • Granular user-access and security controls
  • Data storage to any data store type (On-site server, remote server etc.)
  • File and folder locking to prevent unwanted changes
  • Universal file access; sync across stationary and mobile devices
  • Active Directory integration
  • Revised file backup
  • Windows and OSX agents
  • Rapid deployment (10-minute server setup, 5-minute customer onboarding)
  • Continuous, real-time backup
  • Custom deleted file retention periods
  • Allow guests to upload files to shares
  • Cloud-enable any file server

Exceed industry standards with professional-grade security.

  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption, in-transit and at-rest on the server
  • Persistent and transient encryption key modes on the server
  • Remote wipes of desktops and devices

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