BELNIS is an IT consulting company that promises the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is secure and your day-to-day operations won’t be compromised as a result of a targeted network attack. We’ll manage your compliance needs to reduce regulatory risk (e.g. HIPAA), handle user training so your employees can spot and avoid cyberattacks, and implement industry-leading business continuity solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations, even in the event of a breach.

To deliver on our promise, our CIO-level team of experts with years of experience in cybersecurity services, regulatory compliance and consulting experience will develop a program that’s tailored to your specific needs and they’ll work tirelessly— even while you sleep — to keep your data and networks safe from attack.

Uses and Need of Managed Cybersecurity Consulting and Services from
Bel Network Integration and Support:

  • manage compliance needs to reduce regulatory risk
  • handle user training so your employees know how to spot and avoid cyberattacks
  • deploy top-tier business continuity solutions to keep your business running even if you suffer a breach


Layer 1 is focused on implementing best practices and covering the basics. A strong IT security foundation is critical—a vulnerability in Layer 1 can compromise all the layers beyond it.


Layer 2 keeps your business running even if your local systems are compromised. Relying on a simple backup is no longer enough—every business needs a full-featured business continuity solution.


Layer 3 turns your biggest vulnerability—your people—into a strong line of defense. Most security breaches are caused by user error, so education and training are critical for any cybersecurity strategy.


Layer 4 provides the checks and balances to make sure your network stays secure over time. Robust security auditing helps make sure your other security layers are functioning properly.


Layer 5 provides real-time protection for your environment by actively scanning for intruders and then alerting a Cyber Security Operations Center when someone is attempting to gain unauthorized access.


Layer 6 is geared toward hardening the other layers by actively testing them for weaknesses. This layer simulates real-life attacks and ensures that your cybersecurity defenses are ready for anything.

Business Benefits of Cyber Security Services

Comprehensive Digital Protection. This will allow your employees to surf the internet as and when they need, and ensure that they aren’t at risk from potential threats

Personal Information Protection. This will minimize the risk of a virus is not able to obtain personal information regarding your employees or customers

Productivity Protection. Viruses can cause a lot of wasted time for your employees, and can often bring your entire business to a standstill.

Build Client Confidence. If you can prove that your business is effectively protected against all kinds of cyber threats, you can inspire trust in your customers and clients.

Managed Cybersecurity Services You Can Trust

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