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Data Backup – Disaster Recovery Planning

Have you ever lost your patience because your computer took a few extra minutes to boot up?


If so then imagine staring at a dead computer! Think about all the years of data – the carefully created business plans, new product plans, financial data, sensitive client information, all your emails. Could you ever recover from the loss?

What if a tornado ripped through your office tonight? Will your computer data still be accessible despite the crushed hardware? Will your backup disks or pen drives still work?

What if you had a fire and your data was lost?

Does your disaster recovery plan specify how long it would take to have new hardware installed and populated with data that was backed up right up to the day you had the fire?

If your disaster recovery planning does not have any such document then the most likely answer is either “Never”! 

How confident are you that your data backup is truly relevant and complete?

When did you last have a “Fire drill” for your computer data – a drill that not only tested the relevance of your data backup but also the time taken to setup a new computer network?

Does your business have computer data recovery plan in place?

Has your business ever lost data? You would be amazed at how common an office fire could be. Every year our data recovery services division deals with dozens of businesses that suffered a fire and were desperate to recover any data they could.

Unfortunately, in most cases, partial recovery of data is not very helpful. The business is often permanently crippled. They have lost their entire list of customers, contact details, invoicing and so forth. We have witnessed businesses closing their doors or at best, laying off staff.

Fact is, anything less than total file data recovery does not help in running the business effectively. BELNIS has leveraged its experience to create and perfect plans that are amazingly effective in helping get your IT network get back on its feet.


BELNIS can implement a custom data backup and disaster recovery plan that includes 24 x 7 remote data backups and reinstalling new hardware and software.

Too many businesses are lulled into a false sense of security. They think they “have it covered”. That each staff backs up data before they leave office each evening. That each computer in the network has a “Set it and forget it” automated backup program. Now if that was all it took, why would they be desperately hunting for data recovery services after an incident?

With the BELNIS computer data security plan, we not only backup everything, we regularly conduct data fire drills that assume your business has lost all data in an incident. We then setup new hardware, install software and add the data from the backup.

The test as to the effectiveness of our data security plan not only lies in the speed with which we recreate your computer network, but also in each of your staff answering with a resounding “yes” to the question whether they have all the data that was in their computer before the incident.

Now that is what we call a fully secure data backup and disaster recovery!


BELNIS Data Protection Service Includes:

No demand for major upfront investment in IT hardware or Software

100% backup of selected computers or servers

Provides a custom, tested IT disaster recovery plan

24×7 monitoring of data backups Provide spare network hardware including servers and workstation

Onsite data encryption and storage 

Disaster Recovery Plan is tested twice a year

You have the attention of a true, professional data recovery company.

Optionally include:

Archival backups that comply with any regulation your business needs to follow.

Conducting regular fire drill by failing your entire IT over to cloud and back.

256-bit offsite encrypted backups with redundant copies located at geographic sites that are hundreds of miles away.