Does your computer take extra time to BOOT UP? Or have you ever lost all your company data due to an unexpected and usually untimely mishap? Has your office ever been hit by a Tornado or are you worried about losing years of computer data; your entire business history?

Worry no more… in fact, you can sleep soundly with the knowledge that you have a step-by-step plan that consists of the precautions to minimize the effects of a disaster.

BEL Network Integration & Support is here to help you with planning the smartest and efficient disaster recovery plan in place for the safety and security of your company’s data. It is fast and has the capacity to recover years of data in a short span of time.

To help you run a business effectively, BELNIS is offering leveraged experience to provide you with a perfect disaster recovery plan (DRP). Keeping you focused is our focus

What’s included in a disaster recovery planning engagement from
BEL Network Integration & Support:

  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Custom data backup
  • Reinstallation of new Software and Hardware

  • 24 x 7 remote data backups

What Are The Types Of Disaster Recovery Services?

  • No major upfront investment required for Software and Hardware.
  • 100% backup for all servers and workstations.
  • Offers tested and custom IT Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Monitoring for all backups 24/7.
  • Provides servers as spare network hardware.
  • 100% backup for all servers and workstations.
  • Testing of Disaster Recovery Plan twice annually.
  • A truly professional and dedicated team ready to help your company.


The archival backups which have been established by following all the requirements of regulation that your business needs.

Encrypted backups with 256-bit offsite with several redundant copies which might be located at different geographic sites which are most often miles away.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Planning

If disaster strikes, employees will be on the same page and take the proper steps to handle it

Puts the complete inventory of all of your assets into one convenient location.

Detailed documentation of the network protocols companies can fully understand the network, making it easy to repair issues quickly.

You have the ability to put your plan to the test. Companies that lack resources and time frequently fail to test their DR plan. Testing a DR plan is one of the most crucial steps in the planning process

Think Beyond Backup

At BEL Network Integration & Support, we help our customers move beyond backup to business resiliency, so they can anticipate risk, mitigate the impact and move forward with confidence. Our experience across a broad range of IT disaster recovery planning makes it easier for you to extend these benefits throughout your company.

Yes, I’m ready to ensure mission-critical functions can quickly resume today.