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IT Consulting & Expert IT Support

BELNIS offers walk-in, phone, on-site and electronic IT consulting in the Richmond, Petersburg, Chesterfield, Henrico, Colonial Heights and Chester areas of Virginia!



Need to fix minor or once-in-a-while major glitches?


Need someone to take responsibility for all IT issues?


Have an internal IT department that needs some help?


it_consultOccasional IT Support: Outsourcing your computer repair or occasional IT requirement is a great way to achieve access to high-level resources on an as-needed basis. So if your business needs a one-off service such as computer network relocation or setting up a custom data backup plan or creating and implementing a custom data security, BELNIS can provide it on a pay-as-you-go

FULL-TIME IT SUPPORT: You receive access to unlimited, fully qualified and experienced IT staff at a cost-effective price.

No gimmicky sales talk, no geek language, just plain English and amazing IT Consulting and Computer Support backed by relevant certification and years of in-the-field experience.

Every computer in your network that is covered by our full time support contract has a special and exclusive [Help] button. Click and it instantly alerts the BELNIS computer support team to your problem – no more emailing, no more phone calls no more appeals to avoid down-time. In fact, one of our computer repair engineers will immediately attempt to remotely diagnose the problem. In most cases, computer related problems can be diagnosed and rectified remotely without us barging into your office.

IT Consultation: For most businesses it won’t make economic sense to recruit IT experts from every field. So if your IT department finds itself in need of technology solutions or IT man-power solutions to execute some non-routine work, BELNIS can provide those technology solutions or IT man-power solutions to help get the job done. No matter what the IT consultation; from implementing custom IT disaster recovery plan to network security plan to adding cloud computing or setting up an offsite backup system, BELNIS will be more than happy to provide consultation and service that is to your advantage.

The BELNIS Small Business IT Support Includes:

Full IT Support Cover for up to 25 computers.

One-click Instant Remote Access to Certified, Educated and immensely experienced computer professionals.

One-hour response time guaranteed!

Our real-time computer network monitoring includes reporting, and pre-emptive hardware and software maintenance.

We provide monthly executive overview of your total IT technology so you have up-to-date information on the current status and health of your IT infrastructure.